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Silent Migranes

I have over the past year recieved treatment for pernicous anemea (B12 def). The neurologist and hemotolgist think the b12 levels are back up to where they need to be. I am still having odd neurological issues. Half of my head and face feel tingly and sometimes half of my face is actually cold to the touch. On that same side my ear bothers me it feels like there is pressure that needs to be released and sometimes the eye on that side give me blurry vission. My arm and leg on that side get the tingly sensation and feel heavy. This is all typically on the rt side. On a real bad day my left hand and foot have the odd sensations also. I don't have a headache with this. Sometimes I don't have good word recall (which I had trouble with with the b12) and I forget loads of stuff. I July and Dec I had about 4 wks of min. to no symptoms. Life was great. But it came back. If this is a type of silent migrane can the neurologist help me manage the condition?
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Good call on the B12 level. I went and got it check and it was only 380. I cannot believe it is going back down. I wonder why when I go to once a month shots I cannot maintain a high enough level to feel good. I have an appt with the internest to see about setting up a more frequent shot schedule.

Thanks for the input.
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Was a  cardiovascular work up done? I see that your physicians have ruled out connective tissue disease as well. Migraine as a diagnosis is usually given when other possible underlying causes have been ruled out. How about Vit B6? Was it also evaluated?

If this is a case of silent migraine , it may be a migraine with aura.The aura of a migraine may present as  visual symptom , slurring of speech or numbness. However, it is important to note that migraine auras are reversible and should not last for more than an hour. Other migraines may present with more atypical symptoms ( almost like stroke ) and the auras can last for hours to days.
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Yes, I did have whole body neurological issues when the b12 was really low. It started off at 95. The neurologist does not think it is the b12 anymore the last check on the level was in Nov. and it was very high. I now give myself shots once a month and have been trying to track if the symptoms get better or worst with the shots. It doesn't seem to matter. Yes, I had an MRI in Feb 07 before the neurologist appt. I had an EMG also in FEB of 07 on the left arm and they said I had carpel tunnel. Had that cause I was complaining that my hands and wrists hurt and fingers were numb. I had another EMG in Nov. by the neurologist on the rt side (arm, leg, back) muscle response and nerve. She said that those tests were normal and that I did not have ct syndrome, then ordered blood & urine tests for various stuff including heavy metals since I was a chemist.
I don't know what all the tests were for but they were:
EIA:HEP B Surface AG
Vitamin B12
Lyme Disease AB
SM Antibody
Sjogren's antibody
Hep C AB
HU AB, IFA, serum
YO AB, IFA, serum
ANCA IFA screen

Doctor said they were all ok. I forgot to ask for a copy of the levels.
Visit in Dec when I was feel good she was surprised and mentioned the possibility of migraines and said we should wait and see. Next appt is at the end of March.

Thanks for the help.

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Have you been recently followed up by your physician regarding Vit B12 levels?

Your symptoms may still be associated with the  B12 levels . Deficient Vit B12 may lead to tingling , numbness and dementia.

Was a scan done ? An EMG done on the extremities?
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