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What could cause me to be having migraine auras every few hours for about a week.

For the past week I've been getting visual migraine auras every few hours alternating left and right visual hemispheres. I have a lifetime history of migraine but started getting the auras about 5 years ago with little to no pain. The auras were very infrequent, maybe a few times a year. Now they are suddenly occurring at at alarming rate and I'm finding it very disruptive and upsetting. I contacted my doctor, and they said to try either an urgent care or emergency room and that I could get some kind of medication there. I called an urgent care and they said they couldn't help me and to go to an ER so I did and after a 7 hour ordeal there was given some magnesium and told to call a neurologist, which I did but the appointment is weeks away. I currently take about 400mg of magnesium, which I had been taking for years,  so it doesn't seem to be helping me.
I've never heard of someone having so many auras in such a short time.
I would appreciate any insight anyone has, I really want this to go away it is so frightening to me. Thanks
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Any time you get the auras, it's called an ocular migraine, assuming you've not had a recent head injury, etc. You don't have to get the headache for it to be a migraine.




Do you get any other symptoms? There's also something called a silent migraine, where you get the other symptoms of a migraine  - nausea, inability to sleep, sensitivity to light and sound, etc. - but don't have the actual headache. I get these, and instead of the actual headache, I get the chills so bad my teeth chatter.

Have you recently changed anything that might be causing you to trigger more migraines? Moved? Started eating new foods or be exposed to allergens or chemicals? Started working with someone who wears perfume or cologne? Is it happening more at home or work? Fluorescent lighting?

It's good you have the appointment to rule anything else out, but it's probably not anything serious, if that helps while you wait. :)

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