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frequent headaches

for the past 7 years i am getting headaches(3 to 4 times a week).it would start at any point of the head initially, but of late, it starts on my right eyebrow. very rarely it begins on the top middle portion of the head. a doc had prescribed nimind ct(nimesulide). my headaches would vanish within just 2 to 3 minutes of taking this tablet. later, i got to know that nimesulid tabs r not safe. so i tried crocin pain relief. i am relieved of my headaches immediately if i take crocin pain relief as soon as the headache begins. another doc suggested lonazep - but is not effective.

i get headaches if i am disturbed from sleep - especially sounds of telephone ringing and beep sounds of sms on mobiles. alo when i walk when it is sunny, hungry, hear noise and tv sound for long duration. i used to b tensed till about 3 months. now i am quite relaxed but the problem continues. even if i sleep very late or wake up early, i get headaches.

3 months ago,one day immediately after i woke up i felt giddy and fell down. i was asked to take ct scan - brain - headache protocal and EEG. scan report is normal. EEG says - left fronto-temporal non specific sharp waves activity. doc said nothing to worry.

can any particular food items trigger a head ache?

till last week, i had pain in my right hip joint. also i have vit d3 and B12 deficiency. the ortho had put me on supracal, neuroday,sensival 25 and rexipra 10. i used to sleep very well and also the frequency of headaches had reduced. now i have stopped sensival and rexipra and i am unable to sleep well.
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Do this anulon vilom pranayam and it will help the headache and the sleep problem.
Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.Drink warm water and stop cold drinks.Come back to report your progress.
Anulom Vilom –
Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril  
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril  
then -keeping the left nostril closed  deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 15 to 20  minutes twice a day.
Children under 15 years – do 5 to 10 minutes twice a day.
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.
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How are you? There are certain food, beverages, and additives  that can trigger migraine headache such as aged cheese and other tyramine-containing foods like red wine, alcoholic beverages, and some processed meats; alcohol;  food additives like  nitrates; cold foods; peanuts, peanut butter, other nuts and seeds; smoked or dried fish; certain fresh fruits including ripe bananas, citrus fruits, papaya, red plums, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple; dried fruits ; caffeine found in chocolate and cocoa; beverages such as coffee, tea and colas; also found in certain medications and aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.  Identification of your headache triggers will help you avoid recurrences.

Try to relax and de-stress before going to bed. If you still can not sleep, inform your doctor about this for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.

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