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headache in the right side of the head

ive had this headache for the past week. it came after i was doing sports on an empty stomach. i felt dizzy and then the headache happened. its on the right side of my head. running from the temple to the back of my head. im worried it might be some cause for concern. pls help. tnx!
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Hi, I am writing you because I am at my wits end, to try and be brief as possible this is what has happen thus far, in Jun of this year, I went to see my PCP I told him I had had a head ache for 3 weeks that really would not go away it would ease up but not go completely away, I told him I had also been experiencing dizziness he gave me meclizine for vertigo sent me home the next day which was the 20th of June I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital for chest pain and numbness, tingling, and weakness to left side once there I was no longer able to move my left side, I was then told I had a mild stroke by a well known neurologist, they did CT scans (in total I believe I have had 3or 4 this year), CTA, MRI, echo cardiograms, and the one were they check the arteries in the neck, all came back clear. From that point I was in and out of the hospital the entire summers, I was told I was having TIA's but they could't not be sure because all my tests were, clear. Lont story short my PCP referred me to Two neurologists, First one thought it was spinal fluid in my brain due to something he found on the fundus of my left eye, the second one said she thought I was having hemiplegic Migraines, but before that she did an EEG which was clear she started me on Gabapentin which I was given during one of my many hospital stays this summer, bottom line it is not working. At this very moment I am in extreme pain and I am so nauseous its rediculous. I went to the emergency yesterday, I was given some Dilaudid, which totally had me vomiting for most of the day not to mention drowsy and unstable, and because I have had so many CT scans, I could not get one to make sure that something isn't actually going on other them the Hemipelgic Migraine, ( I wanted one because I my mother died from a brain anurysm, and my brother had one at the age of 20 but he survived) So here I am, I am sorry for such a long story but the pressure in my head is starting to worry me, my neck and face burns on the left side and my head feels like its going to pop. To top it off the Dr. in the emergency yesterday prescribed extra strength Vicodine or hydrocodone, could get it filled because I was too sick. So here I am trying to type through the nausea and the head pain. I have read something about Magnesium supplements but how much or how many milligrams do I have to take and what other info can you give me to help me. Currently the sensation on my left side is not as strong as the right and I walk with a cane when needed due to the fact my leg will get heavy on the left side if I walk too much. Can you help or give me some more info. With that said I hope to hear from you thanks

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Your headache seems to be triggered by hypoglycemia or low blood glucose level. It also has an element of exertional headache in it. As of now it does not appear to be worrisome. I would however advise you never to exercise on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat all your meals on time and drink loads of water during the day.

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