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Do the think I am crazy

Have a terrible migraine starting and went get a shot.  Dr wanted to give me phenegren and a steriod,  Do any Drs really give a sh*t about us that suffer from these horrible things?
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Hi bcilliers,

Many doctors do not really understand migraines. Also there are some doctors who just have a chip on their shoulder... because they're just people and unfortunately some people are just sort of mean. But there are many doctors out there who are helpful and who do understand migraines, it can just take some time until we find them.

The best sort of doctor to go to is a neurologist. Neurologists understand the most about migraines and so they understand how you are feeling and understand how to help. Just because they are the mot qualified people, doesn't mean they're always the nicest. It can take some time to find the neurologist that is right for you. Don't give up on finding a good doctor.

Phenegren is an antiemetic that can help migraines. It should stop the nausea and vomiting. If you found that it did not help you symptoms, then there are other antiemetics to try. Metoclopramide is often prescribed to those with migraines because it stops nausea and vomiting, but it also helps to stop the pain of a migraine as well.

Steriod shots can sometimes be given to those with migraines and headaches (especially those who have cluster headaches). In terms of migraine patients, steriods are often used when first-line treatments have already been used and haven't worked.

I am sorry to hear that you are having a terrible migraine right now. Migraines are painful and very disabling.

Your doctor may not understand how you are feeling, but we do. I have severe migraines too, so I know how painful, disabling and stressful they are. I really hope that this migraine of yours is better soon.

- marilee
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I to take Phenergren.  It can help if I take it before I get a full onset Migraine.  However, if I have to end up taking two and then go to sleep, I feel hung over when I wake up.  My Relpax almost always gives me relief.  However, my insurance only pays for 6pills a month and I have a Migraine everyday now.  My pills are $118.00 for 6pills with out insurance and they will not let me buy them seprately.  My doctor is sympathic, so she will give me a Toradol shot when I need it.  Takes over an hour to kick in and burns like crazy.  For me the Toradol shots do not make me tired, so they are helpful.  
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I am so glad toradol helps you.  Unfortunatly, it does absoulutly nothing for my pain.  hang in there, I know how you feel.
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Reglan when I got it by IV in the past made me extremely nervous and I can't tolerate it.  Toradol didn't work for me either and cortisone shots (taken for something else) GAVE me a headache.  I have phenergan  (generic) pills here at home and take it with ibuprofen or extra strength tylenol for my migraines & usually ice my head a lot.  I have demerol (generic) pills here at home taken rarely by me for emergency or special circumstance situations.  

I don't think some doctors care the way they ought to for people with migraine pain.  And going to the ER, one can get over-drugged and still leave without the headache being gone.  I'm thankful to the Lord I've had a complete hysterectomy (severe endometriosis), which has helped quite a bit, and have a home medicine plan He is using to help me with my migraines.  But ladies, don't pin all your hopes on menopause for your migraines- I had doctor(s) tell me there's hope with menopause and a knew of a lady who actually stopped having migraines with that, but not so with me.  I still average about 5 a month.
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