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Neurontin for Chronic migraines/headaches

For many years, I have dealt with chronic headaches and migraines.  This past year, I have headaches/eye pain, neck pain, etc.  I have tried almost every medication and procedure recommended.  I am now taking Neurontin, and am wondering if anyone takes Neurontin, what dosage has been helpful, and if it has made a difference in the condition of your headaches/migraines.  Thanks so much.

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Hi hun!  Have you had any relief from your issues, with the help of your new meds?  I do not take those meds, but I just wanted ask how you were doing.
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I'm afraid of Neurontin because of what a dear friend of mine told me of what happened to a friend of hers who had taken it.  The friend was using a fairly high dose of it, though, so a lot depends on how high of a dose you're talking about, I guess.  But, I'm still afraid of it.
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