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Silent Migraines

I'm wondering how many other people experience silent migraines, meaning the migraines without the headache.  I've been experiencing several days of these silent migraines with the sudden dizziness and fatigue and they knock me out of commission for a good part of the day.  I would like some feedback on what other people do for silent migraines.  Apparently, they also make me moody without being aware of it, too.
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Yes I do! They are really weird too. I am not on any sort of preventitive. I was only given imetrex which I can only take if I have an actual headache. My neuro really didnt offer any solution to it......But I know how you feel....

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We're learning that my mom actually has gotten silent migraines most of her life. She didn't know that what she was experiencing was a silent migraine until I had the same symptoms WITH the pain, and when she looked it up, she found that that was what she'd been having.
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Yes, you are so right, they can make you feel pretty yucky, moody, dizzy, off balance, even fall.  I too was diagnosed with silent migraines.  But I have other migraines also.  With the silent migraine you pretty much get all of it except the headache.  What kind of Aura do you get with them?  

Are you on a preventative or anything else to help?  It is important to have a preventative and something for the acute phase...
Keep us posted,
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The auras I get don't usually involve flashes of light.  I get more of a tunnel vision.  I found an article about silent migraines just now that explains in simple terms.  Good for sending off to friends to explain what I'm dealing with.  http://www.prohealth.com/migraine/blog/boardDetail.cfm?id=101
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