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Uncontrollable thoughts and PTSD

I was diagnosed with PTSD after returning from the Iraq war.  As I have read up on the disorder, I see why they diagnosed me with it.  I have most of the symptoms, but one difference stands out.  Instead of avoiding things that remind me of the traumatic experiences, I am constantly thinking about them.  I often find myself looking at images and reading stories about the very things I was appalled to have experienced.  Is this normal with PTSD, or is there something else going on?
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I think this is very normal and it takes time to adjust back again, you were in Danger and the Adrenilin was flowing and it is a hard  when that has stopped so you try to feel that feeling again  by reading it and conjuring up Images of the very things that traumatised you, give it time ,maybe talk it out I believe there are councillors to help or try a close friend or Family member. and you know more often than not the others dont avoid it for too long they do the same and dwell on it.Get busy I know you guys are Fit but how about a lot of sports and activities,do the stuff you used to do, join a Gym lots of nice girls go to them.
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i'm not suffering from PTSD but my father is for years now. he was in germany for a few years and had experiances he's not happy to have experianced. but like oyu he tends to dweel on them a bit... i think it is because littke things remind you of things that had happend.. for example: my dad had to remove a little girl from the stick shift that had impaled her little chest when her mother decided to drive drunk and not strap her daughter in properly. he is constantly reminded everytime he drives a standard car also when he see little blonde girls and everytime he sees little girls period. also he witnesses his best friend shoot himself  and everytime he hears that guys name and things like that. it just brings back memories and they don't go away according to him but he's been getting help and has been learning to control the emotional aspect of PTSD with the help he gets from his doctor and others... it's not somthing that goes away easy it takes time and you got ot have patience.... hopefully this was a little helpfull as i'm still learning about it myself.
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to add to my previous post... like you he still talks about and looks at pictures and watches movies and things that he's been through. he constantly talks about when he was in germany and when he was posted in ontario canada and the things that he did  or experianced. i think it's his little way of dealing with it getting out in the open to make people realise he's comfortable about talking about what happend and that it doesn't affect him as much as it does... to make him seem like he's controlling how he feels about what happend not letting what happend control you type thing.
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