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3 months post miscarriage (blighted ovum) with disturbing symptoms... HELP!!!

I suffered from a miscarriage, which turned out to be a blighted ovum and not an actual pregnancy, during the week prior to Christmas of last year. I began bleeding (the miscarriage process) on Dec19th of 2012, and continued to bleed through Jan 4th of 2013. During the course of the miscariage process I was in the ER twice for heavy bleeding. I should also mention that the miscarriage pocess did not begin until I was right at 12 weeks along, according to the measurement of the gestational sac. Neither of the hospitals the I went to suggested, nor offered, the option for a D&C, despite the fact that I requied a D&C for an unrelated incident back in the year of 2010. Nevetheless, I went throught the extrememly uncomfotable miscarriage pocess, but did not go and see my OBGYN for a follow-up post miscarriage. The reason for this is that I do not currently have insurance being a full time student. Throughout the months of Jan-March I did not regain my normal menstrual cycle. There were a few days in each month where I had a little pink in my discharge, accompanied by heavy cramps, but no "actual" typical bleeding. On March 28th of this year I finally started my mentrual cycle and experienced, what seemed at the time, to be a normal period. I should also mention that I had experienced severe cramping for almost 4 week prior to starting this cylce. About 3 days into this cycle I began bleeding very very heavily. Heavy enough to bleed through a fresh super absorbency tampon, my undergarments, and jeans within 15 minutes after changing the aforementioned tampon. On the second day of this heavy bleeding I had once again gone to the restroom to change, what was a pretty freshly replaced tampon, and when I removed it, it was alost like a water faucet dripping/running. I had to sit on the toilet for nearly ten minutes before the bleeding had slowed enough to replace my tampon. When I went to wipe the toilet paper, was not only soked in blood, bu had golf ball sized pieces of tissue on it. I had a total of two pieces of tissue that were that size when I wiped, and one other that was in the bottom of the toilet. The toilet bowl water was also mostly blood. I am currently still bleeding, although the flow how slowed to what I would consider a more "normal flow" now. Today will mark the 12th day of my menstrual cycle. One other concern I have is the cramps I am experiencing. Early this morning I bgan cramping so badly that tylenol, ibuprofen, excedrin, and aleve wouldn't touch the pain, not to mention I have also been using a heating pad. These cramps have been different from the others as well. I am experiencing a sharp stabbing pain. It feels as though an ice pick is being jammed into my cervix. it send shooting pans down my inner thighs, as well as into my lower abdominal and belly button area.I am writing you because I would like suggestions on what I should do, seeing how I do not have insurance, and really can't afford another ER bill. However, if a trip to the ER is absolutely necessary... I will go. One other thing I did not mention is that I had a surgical abortion back in 2010. The procedure went terribly wrong and a week following I was rushed to the ER for an emergency D&C due to hemorrhaging. I dont like to bring it up becuase it is a difficult thing to admit to. Anyhow... so sorry for the long message but I though it better to be thorough about why I may be having complications. I really just need to be pointed in the right direction and suggestions, advice would be most appeciated. Thank you so much fo those that take time to read and resnd to this. I really am at the end of my rope here.

Thank You So Much,
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First off, I'm sorry for your loss, and oh my gosh! That's scary stuff, I have actually never heard a story like that.. I know it's going to be expensive, but I think you should go back to the ER if you start bleeding heavily, or if you pass anymore tissue. But even if neither of those things happen you need to see a doctor of some sort, because you can't live like this. I think you need another ultrasound because if what your passing really is four month old tissue your at a huge risk of a massive infection, which might stop you from having children in the future or make you incredibly sick, which it sounds like it's doing anyway.. I'm genuinely concerned about you, and honestly you should be too. Please see a doctor?
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I have to agree with MarbleMouse, this needs sorting out. I appreciate money is tight, u don't want this to cause you any serious problems in the future, otherwise u will be the one to suffer.

I don't want to scare you, but you don't want to to lead to a serious infection, the tissue is coming out which is good, but am worried about the heavy bleeding and the very bad cramps, theses can be signs of infection.

Please get this sorted out, ur health is the MOST Important.

Love Rach

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Oh my goodness, I just logged on with my computer and saw your picture you've put up. (You don't see it on the app). You really need to get checked out. Those are really big clots.. I have only ever seen clots that big when I was misscarrying. I feel so horrible for you, I wish I could fly you over here to Australia so you could get checked out for free.. ):
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Thank you so very much for, not only taking time to read and respond, but also looking at the pics I posted. I know they are graphic and it's not something anyone wishes to see. I was not certain whether or not I should be concerned enough to go to the hospital so I appreciate more than you know, your feedback regarding my situation. This has been my first experience with a miscarriage so I was not prepared, nor did I expect the bleeding to be as bad as it was. I have done some research on what to expect following the miscarriage, and it did say in several forums that it can take as long as three months to start one's cycle again. My concerns were the amount of time I experienced the severe cramping prior to starting my cycle, and the clots and blood loss involved. The other thing I failed to mention is that I have been very very sick for nearly six weeks now. I was diagnosed with a UTI (urinary tract infection) and a (URI) upper respiratory infection approx five weeks ago. My PCP put me on a ten day course of antibiotics, which for the first time ever, did not get rid of the infection. I had some brief relief for about two days, on the 7th and 8th day o taking said antibiotics. After which, the URI returned with a vengeance. I did not go back to the doctor an decided to just let it run it's course. This is something that is unusual for me because I hardly ever get sick. The last time I was really ill was almost five years ago an even then, I did not require antibiotics, and my URI cleared up within 4 days. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that my immune system has been compromised and is not able to fight off a regular cold virus. If I currently have an infection, could that be the reason I have remained sick for an extended period of time? One other question I have is regarding my second trip to the ER, which was about 6 days into the miscarriage process. I had passed enough tissue to collectively be about the size of a softball, by the time I went to the ER. It was at that time I was also experiencing the same sharp stabbing pains that I am suffering from now. They did a pregnancy test, regular and vaginal ultrasound, and pelvic exam during this ER visit. It was verified that I was in fact going through the miscarriage process. It was also, at that time, that the Dr informed me I had not yet passed the gestational sac. That concerned me considering the amount of blood and tissue loss I had already experienced. I did reiterate to him what I had already gone through and he said it was normal. Where my concern lies is that following my visit to the ER I did not pass anymore tissue, just a few very small clots. So is it possible that what I am passing now is the gestational sac that did not pass previously? And should I still go to the ER with this knowledge? I am still bleeding as of today and this will be 19th day of my current cycle. Again, thank you so mic for your time, input, and compassion. It means so much more to me than you know

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I think it is possible that what's in that picture is the sac, and that and an infection could defiantly cause you to be very sick, for a prolonged period of time. But then again, I'm by no means a doctor. I really think you should be checked out by a professional. What do you mean 19th day of your cycle? And you've been bleeding this whole time? How on earth have you been putting up with this? I understand the cost and what not, but wow. your story is so unique. I feel awful that there's not alot else that I know/can do. I really hope you see a doctor of some sorts. And don't worry about the picture, I completely understand why you would take it/ ask people what it means. Keep me updated? I'm really worried about you.):
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Wow. That is scary. I hope you went to the emergency room to get checked out. Is it possible that you only passed part of the tissue the first time? If they didnt do a follow up ultrasound it could be that the tissue you were passing wasnt complete. Hope you are alright, safe, and on the way to getting healthy again.
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Mine and your situation are a lot different but i had a miscarriage in feburary. I bled really heavy and passed lots of tissues as well. I did not pass the sac until almost a week later and it came out in two pieces. It was like a greyish pink color. If that is thesac you passed it could be possible that you could of devepoled an infection. You really need to see a dr! I hope all goes well and im so sorry for your loss.
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