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D&C/Pregancy Shock

I am currently 12 weeks 1 day post partum. On Saturday July 22nd (10 weeks 3 days pp) I started what I thought was my first period. On July 14th I took an at home pregnancy test - negative result. On Sunday the 23rd I woke up in blood. I ran to the bathroom while leaving pools of blood everywhere. Bled heavy all day. On Monday I go to work and bleed through a tampon and two pads in less than an hour. (Blood clots present) I call doctor. They tell me to come in. Dr does exam and ultrasound. Says my uterus is enlarged suggests D&C but says I can try meds if I'd like. That's what I decided to do. A medicine that starts with an M (stops bleeding) and antibiotics. I stopped bleeding on Friday the 28th. Then start spotting again on Tuesday August first. I go to check up yesterday afternoon. Doc notices blood is bright red and does another ultrasound. I agree to D&C this morning. Ready to have my uterus cleaned out and start a new. As soon as I come to after D&C, doc tells me I was pregnant. I'm literally in shock and still woosie. I get back to recovery room where my mom and 13 year old are waiting. I had so many thoughts. My mom (who has worked as a nurse in women's health) is wondering why we didn't know about this positive pregnancy test before hand and a whole hand full of other questions. Tubal pregnancy? HCG levels? Doc comes meet with us a few hours later to discuss. She says the positive test could've been from left over tissue from son's delivery. But if that was the case, my at home test should've been positive. Wouldn't I have bled or had some sort of sign that by body wasn't rid of conception proof? Doc agreed to run HCG blood numbers. They came back after I was discharged. Number was 151. Idk y'all I'm just so confused. Was my heavy bleeding a miscarriage? How did I not know?!? If an egg was somehow still attached, would the D&C remove it? What is a 151 HCG? P.S. I do trust my doctor 100%. I know she would not knowingly do anything wrong with her patients but in medical practice, everyone has a hand on something. My nurse said they got the positive urine test back late. When they rolled me to O.R. my urine was still in the admit/recovery room. Doctor did say there was nothing seen on ultrasounds that she did in office. Sorry for length and details. Any comments are appreciated.
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