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Period?? or something else?

I have had two miscarriages in the past 3 months and the last one will be 4 weeks since it passed on thursday! Im now feeling crummy, tired, bloated, and my face is breaking out! Im hoping that it is AF! Has this ever happened to anyone and it either be AF or another pregnancy and it worked out??? Please help!
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hi.  so sorry about your miscarriages...I had to have a medical abortion for medical reasons and would have eventually miscarried very far along...anyway, about 4 weeks after I had all those symptems, I really thought I was pregnant again.  i totally felt like I was, but it was just my hormones going a little wackey due to trying to start my period (which was at 6 and a half weeks after)   Of course there is always the chance you are pregnant.  I realize this is not much help, but wanted you to know I understand your confusion as such a hard time!!  good luck to you
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this is exactly how i feel too and very anxious as i would love to be preggas but just know from what i've read it's important to have atleast one period first.

we have been using protection but it's never 100% accurate is it!

i too miscarried 4 wks last thursday my period is wanting to start i'm sure as i'm having light bleeds but then i heard the first af after m/c is often very heavy.

why is life so complicated????
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tell me about it...lol
i lost my angel 4 weeks ago yesterday, and earlier this week my boobs started to get a little bit sore, i'm sleepy, and i have felt sick the past 2 mornings...i don't know if it would be too early to take a test because i don't have any clue if or when i ovulated??
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Well to let you laides know..... I took a test and it was positive!!!! So, Im pregnant again! im so scared!! I want it work out!!
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I am going through the same thing.  About a week ago I was 6 weeks pregnant and I found out that I am most likely miscarrying because of bleeding and my hcg levels going down to an 8.  Now I am done bleeding but now i am have nausea and I am so tired...I go back to the doctor on Monday but I am afriad to be optimistic....does anyone know if it is true that it could have been twins and that is why I was bleeding (because I was losing one)?  Someone told me that but I didnt know if it was true.
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I believe that that is possible but HCG at a level 8 would indicate that a miscarriage occured. I found out 2 weeks ago that I was miscarrying and my level is now 7.
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