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be cautious when you spot during pregnancy

Hi everyone,
I would like to post my pregnancy episode, which, I feel, would be of little help to pregnant women. I have been detected with PCOD when I was 15 (now I am 28). I have been on hormonal treatment since then. Got married at 26. My husband was detected with a low count as well! Both of us were on medications. We shifted to UK and I conceived there at my 2nd cycle of induction with letrozole!! (as advised by the Indian Gynaecologist) I was the happiest women in the world when I found that I was pregnant!! I had a very comfortable pregnancy with no nausea, morning sickness and was active, but at 9th week of pregnancy, I was spotting brown and had a bit of cramps. Consulted the GP in UK, went on a emergency scan to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. The fetus was indeed inside the uterus and its heart was beating!! Returned home with relief. But the problem persisted. The spotting was on and off. Again, during 11th week of pregnancy, underwent a scan. I was told everything was normal and not to worry much. I contacted my Indian Gynaec and she said I need to be given special care, as mine was a very precious induced pregnancy. She said that I have to take injections (hcg) every week and medications as well. But it wasn’t possible, as I was in UK and it was too early to make a trip to India. The spotting developed to brown bleeding at 12th week and an ultrasound was taken on 13th week (it was a scheduled one). We saw the baby actively kicking and moving around and both the radiographer and the midwife were reassuring that the baby is absolutely fine and only bright red bleeding at mid pregnancy would induce a preterm labor and no need to worry about brown bleeding ( I actually thought of travelling to India at this point based on the result of this particular scan and the opinion of the doctor). As they were giving me assurance and confidence, I decided to stay back in UK and to travel to India on Jan 1, 2010, which was scheduled long before. At that point, I would be 21 weeks pregnant and would be the apt time to travel. I had not much spotting or brown bleeding after that and everything resumed back to normal. By the time, I underwent the triple test to detect genetic disorders and my midwife arranged for a specialist consultation. I received an appointment for January 14, 2010 and my next scan appointment was scheduled on January 4th. By this time, I would be back to India actually! Christmas was nearing and I was busy with whole lot of shopping for my family back home …. This is the crucial point. With hardly, 8 days left to my travel, I started having brown clots. I could see them only when I wiped and it was not falling down. It was accompanied by mild pain, which I felt like something is being pulled down, which lasted for few seconds and it occurred 5 to 6 six times a day. The clotting continued and the pain frequency increased. This was continuing for two days and I was just desperately waiting for the next working day following Christmas – that was Monday – the 28th December. The situation worsened.  I woke up suddenly on Monday morning and was rushing to the rest room with very worse pain. I bleeded the entire basin and passed a very huge clot – it was bright red bleeding! Called the emergency, reached the hospital around 7.30 AM and attended by a midwife … she was just observing me. My pain worsened like anything and I started crying for the first time in my pregnancy as I couldn’t tolerate my pain … I was given pain killer; nothing more than that! I enquired the midwife, if would give me injections to stop the bleeding and would take an u/s. She replied that they may take a scan and would just monitor me. She made me listen the baby’s heartbeat. Even at this point of time, I was hoping that they would do something to get rid of the situation. But I never knew that my placenta was moving away and I going to deliver my baby till the gynaecologist informed me after the vaginal examination. She said that I was going to miscarry and no possibility at all to save the baby as it was too young to survive. I was stunned; I didn’t cry… rather I was angry with the way I had been treated throughout my pregnancy. Every time when I raised the issue to medical professionals, they didn’t take it seriously and never attempted to do any examination except for the emergency scans, no blood tests to detect any underlying complications or could give any reason for the spotting and bleeding. Quickly, I prepared myself for the premature delivery, nothing else I could do at that moment as I was helpless and lost all my hopes. Only one thing struck my mind – I couldn’t save my baby … atleast I should save myself and get relieved of the situation asap. My water broke down ….waiting, waiting and waiting to get the contractions to push the baby …. It wasn’t happening  .. the baby is alive inside …it was making rapid movements inside … never knowing that it is going to make an entry and exit into and out of this materialistic cunning world the very same day !! And people, you wont believe that I voluntarily pushed my baby out of womb, as I didn’t get any contractions !!!! after 10 mins or so the placenta came out and it was 11.40 when everything got over …. My boy baby was alive for quite sometime, but I didn’t have guts to see it …….. my first baby, my precious baby (conceived after 2 years of hard work, personal stresses and family issues) didn’t want to live in this world, didn’t  want to develop any attachments with his parents and passed away the very same day. Nobody in UK could give any reason for this. I travelled to India as per schedule (within 4 days of premature delivery). The reason given by the Indian Gynaec is that my cervix was not competent enough to carry the womb, hence opened up early. Next time when I conceive, my cervix will be stitched at 12 weeks to avoid this (the complication continues! Will have the real tough time during my next pregnancy). After 4 weeks of all these, I had a D and C, bleeding still (from 28th Dec). Hope things will settle down and I would return back to my routine very soon.
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Sorry to hear that you had to go through this. Many women suffer miscarriages in early pregnancy and it is quite sad. Sometimes doctors really don't know and can't prevent these miscarriages from happening so I wouldn't blame them or yourself. The good thing that has come out of this is knowledge and now you and your doctors know that you will need a stitch next time to keep things in place.  How come the travel back and forth though? I hope your next pregnancy is a lot easier and healthy! Take care.
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Hi Heatherm,

Thanks for your words. Well, travelling back wasnt an issue though I was bleeding bit heavily. As you said, nobody can be blamed for what has happened; it is just the medical practice and the approach that needs to be blamed. If the same thing would have happened in my hometown, it would have been a different story altogether! one of my relative was bleeding heavily during pregnancy; she was given immediate medical attention (injections) that saved the fetus inside and now the kid is 4 years old !! the practices that is being followed in the east is claimed as unproven/evidenceless in the west (as it happened in my case: when I discussed with the UK gynaec about hcg injection, I was told its effect is unproven. Similarly, the intake of metformin during pregnancy is very vital for asians, but again not of much use to westerners!) ... anyway I have to conceive in my hometown and should be under strict medical supervision...thanks once again for your reply.
take care
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I had tears in my eyes reading this story. Heartbreaking and makes u angry at the whole world. I wish ur next pregnancy will be uneventfull and complete 9months and wish that u will hv a healthy baby soon. All the best.
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sowmyasuresh, I only joined this website today and I am so glad I did. I have been reading online so much trying to find answers and just to unload my pain. I am so sorry for your loss...Similar thing happened to me. I lost our baby son around 14 weeks. I had a normal first trimester...I was shopping, going to the gym...I had a normal pregnancy...like nausea and heartburn etc. Come like in my 14th week the complications started. I started to have pains in and when I went to see my obgyn...she said I was fine and blamed constipation for the pains. The next day I started to bleed and she said don't worry and just to wait for the pep smear results. Come two days later the pains were so bad that I ended up in the emergency room and got diagnosed with a threatening miscarriage. When I informed my obgyn about that only then did she refer me to a high risk obgyn. Who by the way was a complete arrogant idiot! his bed side manners were awful and painful. I ended up crying all the way home. But he told me my cervix is very short and he cannot apply sutures on ym cervix because I am contracting and sent me home to basically have a miscarriage.

That same very day or night I had had enough so decided to go to another obgyn specialist and she was shocked as to how no one helped me! she put me on progesterone and told me we have to get you to stop bleeding and contracting! she told me to have bed rest and I mean strict bed rest...the injections I had to have every day...the next day my cervix had lengthened but I think I had left it too late on the 3rd day...I did not have the injection as it was snowing so bad...my contractions started so badly I was screaming and my husband was trying to get the car out to get me to that obgyn I did not want to see any other doctors by this time I trusted no one...I had seen so many and had so many tests! no one helped! but her! by the time I got to the car I miscarried...I /  we had a baby son...he was alive too...my husband wouldn't let me see him because of the stated I was in...but eventually I got to hold him and burry him! After all the tests their is nothing wrong..I have a short cervix...which could of been identified from day one but I was neglected my baby was neglected! I cannot believe how careless some doctors are!

My first obgyn thinks what happened to me is very abnormal but will not admit she was at fault...she did not take my pains seriously..she did not listen to me basically! had she perhaps I would of still been pregnant and been carrying my child.

Nothing I say will bring your child back nor mine. But this be strong and I have learnt that in my next pregnancy god willing I will be a lot stronger and let no doctor neglect me or my baby!

My babies due due date is 14th June...there isn't a single day I don't think about him but I know he is in a good place smiling and happy. And I know one day I will see him again. We will have our time together.

I am always here if you need to talk...I am glad I found you!

Take good care and I wish you a speedy recovery..
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