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muscle relaxant

hi, I find I am just so exhausted a lot of the time to a point where I have to make a conscious sfort to drop my shoulders. I feel so tense all the time...I have always fought sleep but when I do sleep I have quality sleep. My mind is always racing and does'nt like to call it quits. I self medicate also. It makes me slow down..Last week I told my doctor that life sucked basically, she started me on pristiq. I am into my 5th  day. I will persist with them .I feel like I need a quick fix short term till the pristiq kick in. Would I benefit from diazapam or some form of muscle relaxant??
Thanks in advance
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You might benefit from a short-term prescription of a medication like diazepam or clonazepam. The advantages are that one of those medications would probably help with your anxiety much sooner than the Pristiq, and as the Pristiq started to work you could taper off those medicines. In general, studies that look at the use of a benzodiazepine as a short term adjunct to an antidepressant find that the results are good. However I can't answer the specific question about the benefits and risks of such an approach for you particularly. Benzodiazepines are excellent short term medications for many people, but some people can have bad reactions to them ( for instance, they may lead to a relapse of alcohol or drug use, they may cause excessive sedation and may increase the risk of driving accidents).
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Thanks Doc, I will discuss this with my GP. Thank you for your time!
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