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selective mutism, agitated depression, borderline personality or all?

I have a lot of problems, first I have this thing where I avoid everything, like phone calls, I always feel like they are intrusive and the person is going to want me to do something stressful like drive two hours to visit them. I am in poverty and I work all day trying to make money, I sell antiques on the internet. Second problem is I don't like interacting with people or speaking, I get very awkward and they always give me this weird look. All these problems cause me to get very agitated.
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I think I may have already posted a response to this. This is a very common syndrome which requires a therapist or coach to help you work through. But the rewards can be great for doing that work.
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thanks for the response, i think you are right, i think i have been mildly depressed all my life and recently it has manifested into a more severe form, along with severe anxiety, but it is slowly getting better, a lot better than a couple years ago when i was having reoccurring panic attacks for a couple months, i think i had a nervous breakdown.
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