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MRI Report; I'm trying to understand my report any help would be appreciated.

Findings; mild bi-cerebral spotty white matter signal abnormality. Nonspecific distribution. No associated abnormal enhancement. Throughout the remainder of the brain and brainstem parenchyma, no mass, mass effect, morphologic abnormality or significant signal abnormality is seen. Flow voids are present in the major intracranial vessels. The ventricles are symmetric. The paranasal sinuses are clear bilaterally. Mastoid air cells are clear.

Impression: No acute intracranial process. Mild nonspecific spotty white matter changes. Can someone tell me what this means, Please.

I'm wondering if I may have MS my mother has it and I've been having symptoms of numbness in my hands arms, feet and legs. I'm off balance and my memory is getting worse. I'm having urinary and bowel issues, plus chronic fatigue and severe back and neck pain. I have also been dx with RA, OA, Fibromyalgia which I think the Fibromyalgia could be incorrect and it may possibly be MS. I have an appt with a neuro in Jan 2020.I spoke to my GP about these issues and he ordered the MRI and now I'm just wondering if I'm reading this correctly. Thanks for any help. have a good day.
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Hi and welcome,

"mild bi-cerebral spotty white matter signal abnormality. Nonspecific distribution. No associated abnormal enhancement."

Basically this is saying that you have some but not very many unidentified bright spots showing up bilaterally in the Cerebral part of the brain. Cerebral white matter lesions (WMLs), which are also called “leukoaraiosis,” are very common MRI findings and not typically the types of MRI findings suggestive-consistent with a neurological condition like MS.

I honestly don't believe MS would be likely, just a thought though, a lot of those issues are associate with structural spinal issues and with your diagnosed medical history it's possible, so i'd recommend if you consider getting a spinal MRI to see if something related is causing you problems.    

Hope that helps......JJ
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Thank you very much, Supermum. My gp has set up an appt with a neurologist so we’ll see what happens. I was curious to get some kind of feed back in what the report was saying I do appreciate you. Have a good day.
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