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1st appt tomorrow...

my dr is concerned with my symptoms that I may have ms so I am going to the neuro tomorrow.  What are some questions I need to ask?  I have had a brain mri that came back neg but that is the extent of tests.  Thank you!
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Ok so the neuro had to go see someone in the hospital so he was running over an hour behind.  I totally understand that but I don't like it when I feel rushed and not having a chance to ask any questions.  He asked me what my symptoms are and after I told him numbness, tingling, burning, and my toes turn blue (they were then) he immediatly said i had Peripheral Neuropathy.  He did a few tests, handed me some medicine and said we need to do a nerve test so follow me.  I followed him out thinking he was going to do the test in another room but he had me scheduling an appt with the nurses, filling out a form to get discounted meds and walked into another patients room.  I am at a total loss for words.  This is my second neuro for this and both rushed me out, first one saying nothing was wrong.  I guess I at least have something but not even knowing how to take my meds I had to go to my PCP's office (same building) and find out more information.  I guess in a month after the nerve test I will know more.  ugh   Thank you for the support!
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Is this your first visit to a Neurologist? The time may end up being consumed with him or her doing an exam and asking questions of you, and possibly sending you to get some blood work if you haven't done that already. I'm sure other people will have better answers.

It's just that when I remember back to my first visit I didn't know what was going on and thought that I had a pinched nerve or something. Lol! I think I asked him if that was what was going on. Anyway, I am obviously of no help. So, I will leave it to the gurus.

Good luck in your research of good questions to ask!
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Hi momma,

We have a good health page on this very topid and you can read it at


The best thing you can do is be yourself, answer the questions straight forward, and tell the doctor how your symptoms are impacting your life.  

Good luck and let us know how it goes tomorrow.
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