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6 1/2 Years out...

Hey all,

So nice to see so many faces on the forum. I'd like to say hello to you and welcome to our world here. As you can see it changes up quite a bit. I'm sorry I've not gotten to know our new members, or keep up on our old veterans. And, I've been very absent from all of you, but your always right there on my mind each and every day.

I've been doing very well. Through all the changes over the past 6 1/2 years, I could not have imagined I'd experience progress to this degree.  While I feel challenged mentally, physically I'm strong :)

I want to say, especially to our newly dx'd or 1-2 years in dx'ers, please never give up on what you once had. Keep trying those old things, you never know when they could come back to you.

Not posting this to be all rosey-eyed, or diminish the struggle, I understand it completely. Just wanted to share an update on me, and a reminder, that our bodies are really amazing machines, and even though they fail us when we need them most sometimes, keep reaching with your arsenal, i.e., DMDs, PT, and of course your support from good friends :)


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Congrats on your 78 month anniversary Shell? I'm not sure we celebrate these :-)

I'm 2 years removed from my DX. My goal, most days, is to be as active physically and mentally as I can.

I'm still going to work every day which helps with both. I walk up and down stairs rather than taking escalators or elevators, for the most part. My office is on the 35th floor ;-) I have a recumbent exercise bike that I try and use 3 times a week. I've cleaned up my diet and dropped a significant amount of weight since my DX.

Like tingletingle, my MS is largely invisible to the outside world. I'm doing every thing I can to keep it that way! I think a PMA (positive mental attitude) is central to life with MS. I don't spend a lot of time worrying if every little twinge or itch is MS related. I simply assume it is and move on :-)

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Thank you for the welcome & hello to you Shell. I have had some very kind advice from fellow people on this site. I'm very glad you are doing so well & hope you continue to do so.

I have only just been dx'd (under 3 weeks now) & have just met with the MS Society in regard to PT & continence care etc. "Overload of information at the moment" :))) I have lived with RA the majority of my life & already have physical problems from this but I'm still determined to try & get better mobility than I currently have.

I'm a bit limited on the DMD front as I've been on Rituximab for 5.8 years & can't come off that for my arthritis but I'm hoping this is continuing to help the MS. I think that being dx'd has given me the almighty kick in the butt I needed to address my lifestyle. I don't have any fun things in life & am at home mostly. I did try looking around the shops yesterday (with my mum) but within 20 minutes I had the dizziness, nausea, ataxia, balance problems, tremors & extremely poor vision. I don't enjoy looking for clothes or just wandering around anymore because of this. It was suggested by the Society that I use my wheelchair for long visits to the shops so I can get some enjoyment & don't fall & injure myself. I'm not ready to do this. I've gone from using wheelchairs every time I went out to not using one at all in the last 5 years.

I am not physically strong but am very mentally strong at the moment. I can only get up each day & do my best. I look forward to having some PT & strengthening my body. So bring it on!!

Take Care,

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Hey Shelly Belly
That is a very sweet post. 6 1/2 years down  wow. Here's to your continued good health for another 6 1/2. I'm just over 2 years in and I'd love to emulate your good progress.

I really get how important physical fitness is. It makes such a different to how you feel within yourself doesn't it. I've been in training the last month doing weights 3 times a week, running, bike riding 32klm to work and back twice a week. I feel great and hope the work will stand me in good stead to quickly recover from my brain operation on the 14th.

Even though you say mentally there are MS challenges, like me, I'll bet your mood is pretty good from all the natural endorphins after the exercise and this positive energy draws people to you.

MS is a really tough, serious, largely invisible disease no argument from me. We all have various gifts and talents that we can still share with the world despite the level of our condition. I'm really glad to hear that you're still shining brightly.

Alex xo
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So glad to hear that you are doing well!! It's always refreshing to have some positive posts.

I am 14 years post dx and have been "absent" from the forum for quite some time but a note from shell has me checking up on old friends again.

Thanks & stay positive :)
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Hi Shell, 6 1/2 years? Wow, I am only 6 months post dx andam still finding the changes in my life substantially overwhelming at times, so congratulations to you for everything you have gone through.

I can't express just how much this forum has meant to me (and my mental health!) since I joined.

My life has a new meaning these days and I am thankful for so many things and I plan to keep going and push myself occasionally just to make sure I can!

Thank you and thanks to all of the other members who make this disease easier in ways that matter.

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