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A valuable lesson learned

As a newly or should I say relatively newly diagnosed MSer I learned a valuable lesson when traveling this past two weeks for vacation.  On my way to St. Martin I was stubborn, I walked three airports and arrived there grumpy hot and exhausted!  The vacation was amazing and I handled the sun and heat very well.  We did most of the walking and shopping stuff in the am and while I was on the beach most days for 8 hours or more it was okay.

Coming home I learned that it does not pay to be stubborn.  I got a wheelchair and while it was still a long day -  up for 21 hours - I was not nearly as exhausted.  Getting on the plane, customs and security are all infinitely easier with a wheelchair.  It truly DOES NOT pay to be stubborn.  I learned this doesn't make you weak it makes you smart so you can enjoy yourself more and not need time to recover!

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Good for you for being smart!

I am glad you had a blast!
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You are right, it doesn't pay to be stubborn, but sometimes it is hard not too. I get where you are coming from, sometimes it would be nice to just be normal again and do what we did before without having to think about the consequences.

Unfortunaetly we can't do that and we all have to learn our own personal limits. I know for me I learned to hard was too but now I know to listen to my body and slow down or stop when necessary. Just the other day we were out car shopping and my dh said lets make one more stop and I said I need to go home, he said just one more stop and I looked at him and said I really need to go home. He understood, although I know he really wanted to go to another stop. I came home and laid down for a couple of hours and we were back out. I just needed some time to recoup from all the walking.

We all have our limits and it is up to us to figure out those limits, mine is when my body tells me it is time to rest or I am going to fall down. lol Ok I know it isn't funny but it is either laugh or cry.

I am glad you had a good time on your trip, just remember next time you go to use your energy wisely.

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using that wheelchair is much like using the handicap placard for parking.  Being closer to the door allows me more time in the store before my legs say 'enough.'  It is being smart about how we use our limited spurts of energy and muscle tone.   Thanks for sharing this.  Lu
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So glad you had a great time on your vacation!  We used to go to Cozumel every 2 years but since Jordan got sick-too afraid to take him in the heat.  I also was going to pick a beach destination in US in case he got sick and needed treatment but wasn't sure.  May check into this again for next year.  Love the beach and the shopping!  I always just want to stay!
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