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Achilles Heel

Hello all!

I started having heel pain about two months ago, thinking I just hit it hard and with a numb foot didn't realize it.  Thought it was bruised.  The pain turned into a ripping sensation.  After about a month of that, my stubborn self decided to go to a foot doctor yesterday.  I have a torn achilles heel.  I was told due to my MS that I am not feeling half the pain that I should.  At first I thought it was a blessing, but is it really?  If I can tear my achilles heel and barely feel it, well that is just scary!

I have seen a few postings on here about the achilles heel.  I guess my question is, has anybody else had issues like this?
It just really scares me that my left side is so numb that I can have such an injury and barely feel it.

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Yeah I know the DMD will not get rid of them.  I have been on them since July.
I have had two since Thanksgiving.  I am sure the stress of the holidays did not help.

I will let you know the results of the MRI.  Got my fingers crossed....I think!  Can't feel them.
Ok really bad humor!

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I can totally  relate to the toothbrush through the cheek. I hate it too. Mine is better if I do it very slowly which I do automatically because of the TN.

How long have you  been on Copaxone? The DMDs take a while to work and their purpose is to slow down the rate of relapses, not totally obliterate them.

I hope your arms start behaving themselves and you feel better! Let us know about the MRI results.

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Hi Ren!
I swear if it is not one thing it is another!

I am not sure if I have taken Cipro, it sounds so familiar to me.  I have tried so many different things in past year that I have lost track.  Need to start writing things down.

I have to tell you my latest adventure...

Ok, lately when I brush my teeth, its like I have no control of my arm.  I have jabbed my gums so many times with the toothbrush.  I go to put the toothbrush in my mouth and slam it into my gums instead.  That is using my right arm and all my issues are on the left...for the most part.  Both my arms tremor now and are weak.
Oh joy!
I just got over the worst relapse in November and it feels like I am going back into one now.  It seems Copaxone is not working.  I have a MRI at the end of this month.  I guess I will find out then.  
Hope all is well with you!!!

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Hi Cin

Sorry to hear about your heel. What, if any, treatment are they going to do?  Anything preventative for the other foot? Have you taken Cipro in the recent past? It's known to cause Achilles tendon issues.

Hope it feels better soon!
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Great sense of humor!  (Heelo)  

I do not think my issue is directly linked to MS, it just bugs me that I can have such an injury and not completely feel it.
My gait has changed dramatically in the last year and I am wondering if that may have caused it.  Who knows!

I hate that you have had all those issues with your feet.  Atleast we have our great personalities!  lol

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Heelo,   sorry had to say it.

I've had ankle problems since 2005- surgery on my left ankle 2006.   I have
Achilles tendinitis in both ankles,  they remove a bone spur and portion of my tendon.
I was told this isn't from my MS,  I was DX   4/2010.  

Now in my right  ankle I'm currently in a walking boot and I've had  two PRP injections.
I have a bone spur & swollen bura and small tear on the side of my foot.

here's old post about ankle pain.


take care
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