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And now for something a little lighter.

My friend Dave lives about 1/2 mile from me as you drive. Every time he is in the hospital I look after his dog "Buddy" a chocolate lab. Well this time when he went to the hospital I am again taking care of Buddy. Buddy stays at Dave's house and I just make 2 trips a day over there to make sure he has fresh water and food.

This morning when I got up I looked out my front door and there was Buddy on my porch. he had even brought over one of his bones to chew on. Buddy has only been to my home once and that was when Dave brought him along by car. Buddy does not like thunderstorms which we had the night before so I guess he figured I was the closest place to seek comfort. How Buddy knew where to come is a mystery to me. The one time he was here was almost 5 years ago.

So I nuked a couple of sausage paddies for him (he love to eat) and then proceeded to try to get him back home. I opened the tail gate on my pickup to have him jump in the back, but try as much as he could he could not quite jump in. Buddy tends to be on the heavy side (I did mention he like to eat didn't I?). So next I tried to get him to just follow me but he wouldn't leave my yard. So back backed up to a slop on my property and he was finally able to get his rear end up into the bed of my pickup. (just barely).

I wonder if I will find Buddy on my porch again tomorrow?

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made me laugh ...thanks
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I love this story !  Buddy seems like a very cool dog
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When I take care of Buddy I usually bring him a burger or some other type of take out to give him at his home. I do this because he is use to Dave bringing him home something almost every day when he goes to town.

Buddy eat very good and his waist shows it. When Dave cooks at home he always make enough for two people and Buddy gets at least half of what Dave makes, plus the take out burgers, and still two large bowls of dog food on top of that.

If Dave leaves his bottled water on the floor Buddy will help himself to that as well. He carefully unscrews the top off the bottle and then drinks the water.  It took Dave a while to figure out why he was going through so many bottles of water. Now Dave has to keep the water on top of his Fridge.

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Buddy has a home-away-from-home.  I bet Dave will be amused and surprised that he found his way to your spot.  Maybe he tracked you by smell?  No doubt since you fed him sausage, he will be back!! :-)
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Sounds like he's a smart doggie!  
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