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Anniversary of onset

In a couple of weeks, I'll be coming up on a year since my symptoms began. They started in my right foot. It's been quite a saga, but that foot has gone from burning and buzzing paresthesias worsened by exercise to a constant feeling of tightness and crampiness (still have some paresthesias). The pain/tightness goes up the back and sides of my ankle to my calf and up my shin almost to my knee. And I also have paresthesias in my other foot and leg from my knee down. I've got L'Hermittes and some other stuff, including tiny shocks across my face only on the right side. I remain undiagnosed with anything--or, diagnosed with just about everything, depending on your perspective.

My question: Does anyone have that feeling I'm having in my foot and calf, the tightness, stiffness, and pain? When I get up in the morning or out of a chair, it's at its worst. Also, I feel sort of like I have some kind of plantar fasciitis that has developed in that foot--my heel can hurt--but it hurts pretty much all the time and in different places, not like classic PF. I''ve got normal arches and NEVER wear high heels.

Any insights? Input? Advice? Pity? Sympathy?

I can't believe that this has been almost a year. I didn't go to a doctor until January of 2008--sat (and stood) on the paresthesias from September until then, realized they were increasing and becoming more intense and went in. Thus began this stupid journey through limbo that started with "T2 hyperintensities" and has yet to end.

Thanks for reading.
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Bio, um... I think this wil qualify as sympathies... I feel some of this this sometimes, and it's hard to explain... you did a good job.
I hope you find answers somewhere sometime, don't give up!
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I can't answer your Q, really.  I do have lots of sensory B.S. and some other stuff, including weird leg cramps and tightness.

I can relate to the time.

My symptoms started out as really little nothings, so it is almost hard for me to say when they began but it was at least by August '07, and I too didn't see a doctor 'til Jan '08.  My current "attack" or whatever began March 22.

It is really hard for me to accept the time, esp when I have no idea what is wrong and no real direction at this point.  I know we both have some similar MRI findings, too, as I have  ~6 T2 hyperintensities plus 2 larger lesions.  We've also both dealt with some less-than-helpful doctors ;-)

So I have tons of pity, it's bad enough that whatever this is decided to trash my life.  I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.  I am sick of waking up and being in this way-too-long episode of the Twilight Zone.

I am trying to re-group and figure out what to do next.  I think you just entered a "break" from doctors awhile ago.  I think I need to come out of one.  

I am planning going back to my physician and asking for my whole case to be reviewed and don't plan on leaving until some new ideas/directions are generated.  Do you think I'll get arrested for a one-woman doctor's office sit-in?  Keep an eye on the news in MD, and if you wire me bail money, I swear I'm good for it!

Good luck, BW.  You aren't alone.
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No advice or insights, just commisseration.  My one-year anniversary is coming up.  I just received all the records from my neurologst because I'm moving on to an MS specialist.  As I read, I begin to think I'm being nuts for thinking it might be MS when they seem convinced it's a one-shot bout of transverse myelitis.  Guess my appointment with the specialist on Oct 6 will tell.

My main symptom is paresthesias, and I've had bouts of stabbing pain in my feet for a couple of years.  My calves tend to cramp up when I either stand or sit in one position for a long time.  I'm in a singing group that rehearses standing on risers for 3 hours a week.  Sometimes I have to get down and stretch my calves out.  Sometimes I have to get down because I'm hot and dizzy.  Other times it's because I'm lazy and tired.

The stabbers really like to attack when I'm driving.
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