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Are issues with feet common with MS?

Hi I’m new to all this and have many questions, but while I wait for my MRI brain and spine scan of all the scary and strange symptoms I seem to collecting my feet worry me the most.

Walking is so painful under heels the most, like sharp spikes. Worse in morning getting out of bed, hobbling to toilet, this is a new issue of about 2-3 weeks. Eases as if it’s clearing then wham back. The burning tingly sensation I’ve had for a while, but this has really scared me.

Only saw a Neurologist first time couple of months back after the back clinic referred me. Neurologist said my back not enough to be causing all my symptoms hence MRI.
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Helo fellow ozzie :D

Try to keep open minded if you can, neurological limbo can be very stressful but MS is just one of many causes of  nerve related symptoms.

MS is not a common medical cause of bilateral peripheral limb symptoms, basically because the smaller size spinal cord lesions that are consistent with a neurological condition like MS, dont actually traverse the spinal cord so its unilateral symptoms which are generally more suggestive / consistent.

If you already have a medical condition that is associated with peripheral neuropathy like a structural spinal conditions, it's more likely going to be something along similar lines....honestly try not to worry about MS as a causation at this stage because it honestly might turn out to be something completely different.

Hope that helps......JJ
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Thanks :) and it does :)
To be honest it will be a relief just to get some kind  of direction to head in, whatever it is. Neurologist is lovely and feel I'm in good hands. The feet just caught me left of centre as so debilitating so quickly, and happened after I had my appointment and the main issues I had kind of been getting used to over the weeks.

Hopefully MRI will shed a bit more light :)
IF it's become 'so debilitating so quickly' that symptom pattern would also be pointing away from a neurological condition like MS being a likely cause, MS in general doesn't rapidly develop so yes hopefully your MRI will shed more light. Let us know how you get on.......JJ
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