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At what age did you receive your MS Diagnosis?

Just a little curious  at what age you were DX with MS & what type of MS?

                How many years have  you had your DX?

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I was diagnosed at 45 with PPMS. All the neurologist say mine goes back to childhood because of documented brain stem involvement going back that far.

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Hi there

I was diagnosed at 44 with "mild" ms :)

It ain't mild now though! It got worse a few years ago and I'm now on a DMD, they say RRMS but I sometimes wonder if it may be SPMS.

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50 years old  
DR says very mild RRMS,  but he local disagrees neuro thinks CIS, either way its MS

no DMD'S yet
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Just two weeks shy of being 54- September 25, 2008.

Doctor calls it RRMS and says being on a DMD is not optional -

Looking back I am pretty sure my symptoms started in my 30's but I ignored them
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I was diagnosed with RRMS 8 months ago at age 28.
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I was diagnosed in January of 2009, at age 28, a few months before my 29th birthday. So its been a little over a year now. I started having neurological symptoms in the summer of 2008, so I got diagnosed about 6 months after start of symptoms, pretty quick I think.
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Sorry I spelled your name wrong. I forgot to add I was diagnosed with RRMS. I was originally on Betaseron, after 6 months we determined that wasn't working, and now I'm on Copaxone, which is definitely working!
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46 less than a yr with rrms, but cant track it back till when i was 36
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I was 38 and little over 3 yrs now
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age 39 with RRMS
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Pretty high average age here so far.  Interesting when compared to the literature statistics.
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hi i was 39 last year july diagnosed with rrms
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I was 29 when MS was first mentioned, but I didn't really have enough symptoms to clearly diagnose. At 35 I had an episode of slurred speech and this time I was told it was MS. But back in the late 70's and early 80's there wasn't much done about it. I was told it was benign. Since I never had anything else happen, I pretty much locked that info away in the Denial Closet of my brain. Fast forward to 2002 when my opthomolgist ordered an MRI because he wasn't liking what he was seeing from several tests. Bingo!! Off to a neurologist who told me that I truly did have MS and started me on Avonex. I was then 52 years old. I haven't had any symptoms worth noting since 1985 but about a month and a half ago I had a full blown attack - double vision, nystagmus, and ataxia. So, I probably have had MS for a very long time. RRMS.
Yes, interesting how many people diagnosed later in life, but probably had MS for a long time. It just never reared its ugly head.
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I was 50 years old when diagnosed, though I've had symptoms since my teens and 20s that were so mild I blew them off.  Things got more serious in my 40s.  I'm on Tysabri.  RRMS.  
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depends on who you ask. we'll take the non-VA doctors for this question,


first onset of documented neuro problems, 1986 after a back injury and CSF infection.

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It was in 1993 at the age of 30 years old.  I presented with Grand Mal Seizures and was diagnosed by way of MRI and Lumbar Puncture.  My disease was essentially dormant until 2006 when I presented with Trigeminal Neuralgia and progressed to speech, walking and vision trouble.  I am currently not on a DMD and will not be unless there is a change in my symptoms.  The neurologist has told me that the next step for my trigeminal neuralgia is neuro surgery as I have exhausted all medicinal options.

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Dx July 2009 on my 59th birthday;  via MRI.  Had sensory symptoms at diagnosis, no hint of MS before that.

Started Rebif 2 months after diagnosis.  No relapse so far.  Next MRI will be this summer.
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dx at 46 with rrms

symptoms going back 10-15 years or more
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I was diagnosed with RRMS in July of 2009.I was 37.  First real symptoms were in 2008, tingly feet and legs,listing to the left when I walked. I have been on copaxone since beginning of August.

I had Vertigo/relapse 2 months ago..used IV Steroids for the first time which got rid of the Vertigo.
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I'm 38 and was just diagnosed in late February.  I also have epilepsy and based on my periodic MRIs for that, the MS docs said that I've had MS for at least 5 years.

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Dx'ed at age 55 with symptoms dating to age 47.

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In December 2005 I was dxed at 65 years of age with SPMS.   I am now lucky if I can take maybe 2 steps, or stand for 3 minutes and my left arm is useless.

No MS symptoms that I know of before the beginning of 2005.
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I was diagnosed 2 mths ago at age 49 with RRMS
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Diagnosed at 51 with RRMS although in retrospect I can remember symptoms back to my early twenties that I always attributed to other things.

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