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Audiology Testing Done

Well I had my hearing test done yesterday and so far I have to say it was the easiest of all the tests I have been through!  The woman doing the testing wanted to know all my background dealing with neuros and having MS and the appointment was an hour and a half long!

What I found out was that my left ear has substantial hearing loss and my right ear is hyper-sensitive to noise!  So no wonder I walk around saying..."SPEAK UP...BE QUIET...SPEAK UP...BE QUIET".  And all along people thought I had multiple personality but it is just that I can't hear out of one ear and it's too loud in the other!  hehe

There really isn't much they can do to help it and she feels that the Hyperacussis (extra sensitive to noise) is due, more than likely, to the MS.  She is going to send a report to my gp as well as the neuro I am hoping to see in the future so perhaps it will pique his interest and he will want to see me sooner???  One can always hope can't they?!  Ever the Optomist ain't I???

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Interesting...  I seem to have hearing loss and hyperacusis in the same ear... is that possible?  Guess I need to see an audiologist too!
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According to the audiologist it IS POSSIBLE!!  She said that when you have hearing loss for whatever reason, certain pitched noises can cause severe discomfort in the ear where there is hearing loss...you should get checked anyway because it is always good to have a baseline to go back to should you have a relapse and although there isn't much they can actually DO about it...at the very least you would know where you stand right?

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