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Avonex - when to do?


I'm going to be doing my second shot of Avonex tomorrow and just had a question for those who've been doing this longer than me.
The first shot didn't go too badly. My neuro told me to take one paracetemol, one pain killer and one antihistamine half an hour before and then again afterwards. In fairness, I don't remember when I was supposed to take them afterwards. Point being, I did the shot after coming home from dinner out so it was late (about midnight) and went straight to bed. I woke at 8am and by 9am was feeling pretty blah. But I hadn't taken any more tablets after the first lot taken before the shot. When I took more i felt ok.
My question is, should I be doing it a few hours before going to bed rather than right before? Does it take a while for the side effects to kick in? I'm wondering if I slept through the good hours and then was awake for when the side effects kicked in. Or, if I did it earlier in the evening, would I be feeling like crap all through dinner?
Any advice would be great.
Thanks so much.
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I'm on Betaseron (another interferon with similar side effects).  I inject just before bed.  I take Ibuprofen, although Paracetemol (Tylenol to the US folks) is a good idea, too.  It usually does the trick.  If I'm still feeling creepy in the morning, I take one more dose of Ibuprofen, and I'm usually good to go.

Good luck!
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Been on Avonex almost 5 years after trying Betasaron and Copaxone. I still take Ibuprophen about an hour before my shot but I am no longer limited to the time of day due the side effects.

In the beginning, I too, took it before bed to sleep off the side effects but on the good side, most of the side effects have vanished or are easily managed, atleast in my case. Feeling like "Crap" in most cases goes away over time. Hang in there!
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Thank you both.
I'm just wondering whether or not I'm doing the right thing taking it JUST before bed as opposed to a few hours before. By the sounds of it, just before bed is right yes??
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There is really no right or wrong answer as to "when". It really does depend on what works out best for you, your life style, and how unmanageable the side effects are. Most Avonex users prefer just before going to bed to sleep off the side-effects but there are no requirements to remain awake, sitting, standing, etc that I was ever told about or experienced. It is only preferable to try to take each injection about the same time. It does get easier, Hang in there!
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I'm on Avanex (This will be my 3rd week) and I take Naproxen (because it lasts longer - about 12 hours) about an our before my injection (around 6pm) and then I take it again when I wake up in the morning.

I haven't needed any antihistamines at all.
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How'd you make out w/the injection? I feel like Kubbykoo does that "just" before, or hours, does not matter.

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Thank all.
shell... I made out ok actually. It wasn't too bad. think I was a bit too wordy in my original post. I really just wasn't sure if I should have done it earlier than I did because I wondered if maybe one normally feels ok for a few hours after the shot and maybe I'd slept through those good hours. It's not a big deal really because I do ok with the paracetemol and all that.
Do shot # 2 tonight. Hope it's as good as last week!!
Thanks again to everyone.
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