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BP and HR up AFTER stopping prednisone as directed

Hi all-
I am a 32 year old male who has recently been experiencing some MS symptoms: shakiness, vision issues, muscle spasming, weakness/tingling/numbness in left arm from shoulder down).  I was put on a 12 day prednisone regimen and have been off of the drug for 6 days. While on the pred, I experienced insomnia, and slightly increased blood pressure, but my heart rate was around 60 and didn't change.  since the 2nd day after weaning off of prednisone, my symptoms have returned (ms), but my heart rate has gone from 60 bpm to 80 bpm, and my BP has gone from 116/60 to 130/80.  I am otherwise healthy other than benign PVC's and PAC's, and I take a 25 mg atenolol daily for those voluntarily.  With that being said, has anyone else had this happen?  I have not had any real medical issues other than the symptoms just described, and I have recently (within a month) had EKG, routine bloodwork, ultrasound on my heart, and a stress test about a year ago and all came back with no remarkable results.  Any advice?  Has this happened to anyone else?  I would like to think that it is a side-effect of the prednisone wearing off and getting out of my system, since the atenolol I am on usually has me at 60 bpm or below.  Please comment as I could use all the help I can get at this point. Thanks!
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Hi Jeff-

Elevated heart rate and BP are not common MS symptoms. If you are stressed because you think you have MS, that stress could elevate both HR and BP. Try and relax. If you do have MS it's not likely the end of life as you know it. I've had it for more than 20 years and I'm OK :-)

Let us know how the MRI goes tomorrow.

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Hi JB - Welcome :-)

The symptom's you describe can be caused by coming off prednisone. Have you spoken to your doc about it? Also, where are you in your diagnostic journey?

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thanks for the welcome. My doctor didn't have time to see me regarding the increased HR.  I am going to be switching docs after he orders my MRI of my cranium and spine.  As far as the diagnostic journey goes, I thought I had a torn rotator cuff and strained muscles in my side and legs.  Had tingling and numbness in my left arm and shoulder.  Had an EKG, ultrasound of my heart and a stress test.  Docs told me it was nerve damage.  Had and MRI of my shoulder, and everything was perfect there, and had a full physical from two different docs (my PCP and his PA) and everything was normal.  Having ocular migraines with distortion (similar to curtain vision and sparklers), small amounts of double vision, then started seeing red and blue around objects and a lighter shade of light around people's heads.  I went to two different optometrists and also to a retina specialist, and all said things were normal.  I am schedule for the MRI of my head this Thursday at 9:15 a.m.  Looking forward to the diagnosis and finding out if this is MS or not.   I will let you know what is said.  Thanks again.

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also, my hr was up to over 90 bpm yesterday. I had to take an atenolol ahead of schedule to calm it down.  Never had symptoms like that before.  
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MRI went well, other than being a clostrophobe, they put my head in a cage, then put me in the MRI.  20 minutes later, I was done. I wont know anything until at least Monday of next week. So, until then, I'll have muscle relaxers and a couple of Xanax to keep me calm.  The worst part is the micro-spasms in my legs, and pains that come and go randomly.  I'll let you know what happens Monday, and I have a PCP appointment Wednesday next week as well to discus treatment.
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Well, the MRI went fine, but they only did the non-contrast MRI, not contrast and without like my doctor ordered.  So, what I have is a report from the doc who read it.  I have "no significant foci areas of abnormal signal intensity are signaled throughout the brain. Note is made of several punctate hyperintensities in the anterior mid brain, most consistent w/ brain cysts."  Why did they even send me the letter?  Everything that I have read on these relates to a stroke or MS.  I am not sure what to think at this point, so I guess I'll have to wait for an MRI with contrast to find out what is going on?
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Hi Jeff -

From the info you shared, the radiologist does not think there is any evidence of demyelination. MS=Demyelination.

All lesions will show up without contrast. The contrast shows which lesions have been active in the last 30 days or so. If you had evidence of demyelination on the MRI without contrast, adding the contrast afterwards would have shown if any of the non-contrast lesions were new.

I would discuss the findings with your neurologist, but the initial findings seem to point away from MS.

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when you research what the MRI found, the word "Demyelination" comes up for the meaning of punctate hypersensitivities.  I hope its wrong.
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had mri with contrast and it turned up the same brain cysts as the one without contrast.  when I look up brain cysts or punctate hyperintensities, it points me to Demyelination, which on Wikipedia, says is concern for MS or any other type of auto-immune disease.  My PCP thinks that there is nothing wrong and offered me anti-depressants.  I laughed that off, because Im not depressed, nor am I anxious.  I just have all of these crazy symptoms that aren't going away.
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There are many causes of hyperintensities in MRI studies. MS , or demyelination, is just one of them.
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'Punctate' when describing MRI lesions means pinpoint, and these are very unlikely to be MS. Much more likely to come from migraines.

You seem to be quite a young man and in good health. If that's the case, then taking BP readings frequently will only make you more conscious of everything going on in your body. Unless your doctor suggests you do that, I would stop measuring these things and try to relax. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck.

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Thanks.  I am now having irritated lymphnodes, and ended up in the er with neck, jaw pain.  Cleared by a cardiologist, I have to think that there is some sort of neurological problem.  I have a neurologist appointment next week and will keep you all up to date.  Thanks for your words and help!

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