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Back from a great trip

Hi, everyone.

I'm home from a really great vacation, but as always, it's good to be home.

Went to my sister's in NY State, Mid-Hudson Valley area. There I dropped off my pooch for my kind brother-in-law to take care of, and my sis and I drove to Maine.

The first and most wonderful thing that invaded my senses was that it's COOL there. Mid-70s, light breeze, low humidity. I've been to Maine twice before, but not when our local summer was so horribly sweltering, and at the same time my body temp regulation problems so severe. Even though I still had some heat issues, they were really minor in comparison.

Next, of course, was the beauty of Mt. Desert Island, just magnificent. My second time there, and I'd like to go every year. That's where Bar Harbor is, and Acadia National Park. A great place for MSers--you can actually enjoy the outdoors without being wrapped in ice packs. A pretty beach, cold water. And lobsters!! Mmmm. We had them or other seafood every night.

We also stopped in various towns, coming and going. Very quaint and picturesque. I couldn't possibly deal with the winters up there, but summers are heaven.

Back to my sister's house for a day or two, always fun. I had a bladder 'dysfunction' just while arriving home, but that's life. I'm 10 days behind on the forum, so please bear with me if I say various dumb things. Am also really tired, but a happy camper.

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Welcome back........ I have really missed your voice this week.  There are lots of new people around but this group has rallied and made them feel welcome.

You'll figure out soon that we're still dealing with nincompoop neuros, crazy family members, and assorted woes including complaining about the heat .  Jump in anywhere - you will feel right at home, like you never left!

So glad you enjoyed the break - it sounds wonderful and Maine is one of the states I still have yet to visit.

hugs, Lu

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Thanks for the virtual vacation Ess.  It's been eons since I visited New England and your take-us-along was dreamy.  You sound so rejuvenated and relaxed.  Take your time coming back into everyday reality.

(who suggests you pay no attention to the overly wordy poster who has invaded the forum today.)
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Ess, you painted a paradise in my mind, thank you. It sounds as if you had a marvelous time of it. Welcome home. I hope you have the ability to ease back into things and maintain that smooth vacation mojo that just seems to make everything fluid for a while.
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ess, it's great to have you back!   And I'm with Johnny, when I read your description--I could see it and feel the breeze.  

The winters would be fine if you had everything you could possibly need----Oh, I forgot about doctors.

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I am so glad that you had a lovely break and all I can say is LOBSTERS......YUM....I am so envious as I love them!

Welcome home and you have been missed

Love Sarah x
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Welcome back Ess.  Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's so nice when people can treat themselves and take a break, albiet a short one, from the hectic pace that so many of us are caught up in.

I've been to Maine only one time.  Spent aboput a week there before going to Newfoundland.  And as Sarah said, LOBSTERS, LOBSTERS!!!!! The ocean and cool waters, fishing villages.......   OK, I guess you figured out I'm "envious."  lol

Anyway, glad you had a great timre, and welcome back.

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It definitely sounds like you had a wonderful time!  I have always wanted to go to Maine.  I hear it is gorgeous there.  Thanks for the virtual tour.  ;0)

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