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Buzzing toes?

Hello there. For the past month, I’ve had an intermittent buzzing in a few of the toes of my left foot. They often buzz when I wake up, and most often, for a while (maybe 5-10 minutes) after I’ve walked a fair distance. I have seen a neuro, and he is very thorough — he did an EMG, nerve conduction along with MRIs (with contrast) of my brain, c-spine, and t-spine...all of which have come back normal.

I have no other symptoms but this buzzing. I do OK when my toes are not buzzing, but when it starts, I get pretty anxious and worked up that this could be something serious. Does this buzzing sound typical of MS?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.
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Hi and welcome,

The problem with toes is that they are easily banged, squished, crushed, dinged, cut, damaged etc etc  and we soon forget about kicking the coffee table, stepping on the kids toys, tripping over the cat, how uncomfortable or ill fitting our shoes really are etc etc  until sometime down the road it comes back to remind us...

Feeling odd sensations in your peripheral limbs upon waking or after walking a lot isn't what would typically be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS. The descriptive 'buzzing' is often used for an internal vibration or invisible tremor which is associated with a lot of different medical conditions eg Essential Tremor,  peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, MS as well as  Anxiety and also as a side effects of mental health medications  antidepressants or anti anxiety.....

You seem to recognise that this sensation exacerbates your anxiety and or you get worked up over it, which i assume you mean you freak out or have a panic attack so there is the potential that this is related to your mental health and even if anxiety isn't the cause, it would still be in your best interest to see a therapist or psychologist to learn alternative ways to react to it which is less distressing for you.

Hope that helps.......JJ    
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Thank you for your helpful comment, Supermum. Much appreciated. Do you know what sort of tingling is suggestive of MS, so I can put this into perspective? Is it possible in MS for tingling to be restricted to a single limb with no other symptoms presenting?
If you are only experiencing an "intermittent buzzing" in a few of your toes, how would learning about the 'tingling' that is suggestive of MS help you put what you experience into perspective?
MS can announce itself with really  trivial symptoms and they’re not necessarily bilateral (both sides). ZBut tingling in MS is usually accompanied by numbness. Based on what you’ve said you should be comfortable with your doctors’ assessments. Be sure to go back to them if the sensation spreads or if new  symptoms appear.
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