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COuld it be MS?

I am 37 years of age. I will get right to the point. I have an MRI scheduled with contrast on the 31st of this month that will hopefully tell me more information.  My symptoms are not new but ongoing for the last several years on and off.

In my 20's is when things started.  My back would spasm to the point I would have to lie down and was unable to get up for some time. Every six months or so I would have a week or so that I would get migraines.  

SOmetimes this happened every six months other times I would go a few years with nothing.  I get regular headaches and dizziness. Sometimes the dizziness is bearable other times I have to sit down or lie down.  

This last year I have been getting "pins and needles sensations in my hands (fingers) and toes.  I struggle with finding the words I want to say. (it gets annoying when trying to hold conversations) some days it is better than other days.  This has gotten worse in the last few years. sometimes my words get tangled up and it does not come out how I plan on it.( I just laugh it off now but find it annoying as heck.)

The cold winters here are rough as this is the second year I have to take my daughter to the bus and when I come in I have to sit as I get extremely dizzy (I presume from the cold) the summer heat is not nice to me either when it comes to being outside for even just an hour, I am exhausted and it sometimes causes headaches(not always migraines but sometimes.)

I choke on nothing but air sometimes and sometimes certain foods make me choke as well. (this has been an issue for sometime as well.

I have to be careful as to the temperature of bath water as it makes me dizzy and short of breath. I would not notice a vision change as far as to the worse as my vision is less than steller anyway. I do have sharp pains in my eyes.

My mother was diagnosed with MS a few years ago so it got me thinking about it. ( I understand it is not hereditary?)

I am generally a morning person, but around late afternoon I am tired (extremely) and ready for bed. (my daughter told her teacher my favorite thing to do was come home and sleep. :(    )

As far as bladder issues, this is embarrassing but I tend to have to change several times a day as I "leak"  I get constipated easily if I am not careful. Also if I am not careful it can turn into diarreah as well. (I feel ike I am constantly in a balancing act with trying to figure out my body.

If I move too fast I trip, so I tend to move slower. I have to keep lists or I forget a lot. I think I have Teflon in my brain lol.  This is not good as I am going back to school to get my degree.

I think that about sums it up.  I was hoping someone could shed some words of wisdom on my situation/?

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Hi rosemommi,

Unfortunately MS symptoms are not unique to the disease, which means any number of things could be causing some or all of the symptoms you are experiencing. To get a better sense of how MS is diagnosed, I recommend looking up the McDonald criteria. There are markers that have to be seen (physical evidence) as well as ruling out all other possibilities.

I'm sorry for all of the issues you have been dealing with, and I'm glad to hear you have an MRI scheduled (and hopefully a follow up appointment to discuss the results?). I wish you all the best in getting some relief from your symptoms. It sounds like you have been dealing with a lot!

Yes,I have a follow up scheduled. Blood work was already completed to rule out things like diabetes, any imbalances in ... whatever that word is...among other things. That is why he sent me to a neuro to start the ball rolling as far as seeing what is going on.  
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I wish I could provide some insights into what is going on, but these things are not identifiable by symptoms alone. Glad you already had blood tests done - that will provide a lot of information for your appointment.

Let us know how the appointment goes. We will be thinking of you.

Thank you for the help and will keep everyone updated and hope they find out something. I am tired of feeling like I am drunk as I am always stumbling, etc..
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