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Can a CT scan of neck and blood work for autoimmune disorders find signs of MS?

I have a lot of symptoms that seem like I might have MS and I'm going to see the doctor to get the results. But I don't know what I should ask my doctor if there is no conclusive evidence. Half a year, they found out I have asthma, and that my vitamin D level was too low for a third time. But I drink a lot of whole milk and cheeses with Vitamin D. And my doctor mentioned something about an acid being too high, but I can't remember which.

Lately I've been experiencing very tight and painful muscles from every muscle I can think of. Even muscles on the cheeks of my face. Sometimes it's hard to breath from my neck muscles being so tight. I'm pretty strong but I've been feeling very weak lately. Even opening plastic bags takes a lot of my strength, and furniture I used to be able to move easily I can't even budge. Lifting stuff above my head is the most difficult. My arms will start shaking and my muscles will start burning, even with something as small as a glass. I've also been getting a lot of cramps. The last two weeks I've woken up to craps in my feet or legs. And recently my arms has been locking up when I carry something heavy. I have to use the other arm to unlock it. I went to a physical therapist for this, and after 6 sessions, he told me that really doubts he can help me.

I have severe fatigue, memory problems, troubles keeping balance, stomach problems, joint pain, and mood swings. I feel like I could go forever. I started developing symptoms that started to negatively affect my life around age 22, and it's progressively gotten worse in the last 8 years.

Any information or thoughts would be most appreciated.
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Some people have had their lesions seen on a CT of the brain but I don't know any.

When you speak of both sides of the body bothering you at the same time, that tends to shy away from MS, which typically starts on one side or the other.

Your best bet is to find a good neurologist and if possible, present a time line of your symptoms.  There are many "mimic" diseases of MS that have to be ruled out.  Many of us have spent many years and gone thru more than several neurologist before getting the diagnosis we really didn't want.

Good luck but I can't wrap MS around your symptoms.

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Make sure you are taking magnesium with vitamin D. I could not raise my vitamin D levels until I corrected my magnesium deficiency but in the meantime I worsened my existing magnesium deficiency taking high doses of vitamin D. My asthma symptoms improved with magnesium actually.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is an MS mimic. I've had B12 malabsorption for decades due to undiagnosed autoimmune pernicious anaemia so I know very well B12 serum can miss a diagnosis. A good video to check out on youtube if you are interested: Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency
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