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Can the combo of drugs I am taking cause kidney damage?

I am taking nuerotin, Provigil, and copaxone. Last month during a blood test the Dr said my kidneys are working alot harder than they had been 6 months ago. I am currently having weird back pain and not feeling very well. Could the drugs be making my kidneys work to hard? (Along with the gallon of diet coke I drink a day). I searched the net and found some facts on how these drugs affect your kidneys...anyone else had these problems? Thanks.

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I doubt it would be the Copaxone, since this really isn't metabolized by the body.  It is a combination of four amino acids.  I guess it could be the mannitol in Copaxone.  Mannitol  could be an issue since it is an osmotic diuretic agent and a weak renal vasodilator.  The amount of mannitol in Copaxone is small and absorption

Gabapentin (Neurontin)  should be used carefully in patients with renal impairment due to possible accumulation and toxicity.  It has been linked with liver toxicity.

Provigil is metabolized by the liver and excreted in the urine.  

Have they looked for an independent cause?  Some simple blood and urine tests can provide a lot of information about kidney function and possible causes.


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I have just started having pain...and until the blood test I had for my MRI 2 weeks ago I never thought twice about my kidneys or liver. I am also a caffine addict with diet coke and cofffee. I am just trying to drink water now. I think just the combo of all them did it. I will see how it goes for the next couple weeks.
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If you have kidney problems, the GAD contrast used in MRI can cause additional problems.  So if you had a silent kidney issue, GAD can bring it to light.  

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Hi Coach,

Have you had any imaging of your kidneys? KUBs at least?  I sure hope you are in w/a good urologist. That sort of pain hurts alot.

No matter what this ends up being, cutting that caffeine by even 1/2 may provide you some temporary relief.

For copax, there is a small percentage of patients (2%) in after marketing studies who experienced kidney or flank pain, and I read about an instance of kidney failure, but seen no reference to the actual percentage or instances of how many. I'll dig for the source for you if you are interested.

As far as provigil, you may find more information if you look for post marketing adverse reactions,kidney/renal (as key words) problems for modafinil.

What kind of doc looking into this for you?


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