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Can you get MS symptoms after a D&C?

I am quite frustrated: I have had weird neurological symptoms since having a D&C 6 years ago and no diagnosis. A couple of months after the D&C I started having numbness/pain/cold feeling in my right hand and right ankle. This has been my background since then with "flares-up" here and there when the symptoms are even worse. A month ago I was limping with pain under my right foot for a few days then it went back to "normal". I had one bad "flare-up" in my right hand once when I had sinusitis. My right foot is always colder than my left one, my husband can tell by touching them.

To me these symptoms are related to the D&C I had, nothing else makes sense. "Something" was triggered during this D&C, I experienced 3 weeks of non-stop fatigue after it (spent in bed day and night, good thing I was not working at the time).

After these symptoms started I had a bunch of MRIs 2-3 months later, brain and spine - all showing nothing. Also a nerve conductance test, negative of course.

I just consulted a new neurologist who told me my symptoms had to be either brain or spine related. Then after reviewing my old MRIs he said he has no clue what I have. I can repeat the brain MRI if I have money to loose (his words). I decided to repeat it, it will be done in a couple of weeks. My first MRIs were done on older instruments located... in a temporary wood building in the parking lot of a hospital, not state of the art!

I know you guys must see quite a few people who think they may have MS... does it seem like a possible diagnostic?
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I have never heard of surgery of any kind leading to MS. If the doctor did a neurological exam which is reflexes, etc. and says it is not neurological it is not. They can tell if and where you have damage in the CNS from that simple test. You can have your GP do a neurological exam and see what he thinks. What specialist you see next I have no clue. I know it must be frustrating.

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Hi Alex, yes he did do a neurological exam the first time that showed I have a little bit less sensations to pain in my right side. That's about it. After this exam, I left scared because he had told me I had paresthesia due to brain or spinal problems. He changed tune after looking at the reports from my old MRIs.

I do remember seeing an episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" years ago about a woman whose MS symptoms had been triggered by accidently hurting her thigh with a knitting needle while sitting on a chair, I had thought "whoa"!

I forgot to mention my right leg goes "dead" very quickly now when I run fast now. I am actually going to run before the MRI to make my symptoms more acute.
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No, you don't get MS from hurting your self with a knitting needle or provoke it if you do have it.  All of those programs need to be taken with a grain of salt.  She might have injured a nerve.

There is no way your D&C would cause MS.

I don't know if you have consulted a neuro who specializes in MS or not but it might be worth it.  Many of us have spent years chasing a diagnosis, not all neurologists are well versed in MS.  I have 3 specialists I see for other problems who don't have a clue about MS, they ask me questions about it!!
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MS is a disease of the Central Nervous System aka Brain and Spinal Cord. A D&C could not cause MS. If you have one foot colder to touch than the other then it sounds more circulatory or a blood flow problem.

I can hazard a guess that the lady found out she had MS after having an injury from a knitting needle possibly because the area was numb & she didn't know that she had injured herself. Otherwise it's complete rubbish because MS affects the CNS. Geez there's some crazy stuff out there to confuse people.

You also mention your right leg going dead after running but this is not how MS works. MS numbness does not go away if you stop running or move the body part. When it's numb in MS it's numb & there's nothing you can do to alter that. I would see what the MRI brings forth & keep us updated.

Take Care,

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I am for sure no expert, but isn't having a relapse after pregnancy relatively common?  I'm not sure how high your hormones got, or how far along you were, but in my mind, it seems to make sense that it may be possible, not due to the procedure, but the change in your body/immune system/stress.  

??  Interesting none the less.
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I have had multiple D&C's in my day and I was never pregnant during them. It's actually called a diulation & curette and I had mine because I had too much endometrial cell growth which caused pain.

If this has a relationship with pregnancy then hc1 would be correct in what they are saying but you still are not displaying symptoms that correlate with MS. ie numbness that alters with movement & cold to touch foot. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

I'm going to throw an idea out there that you may not have considered.......You are a diagnosed Aspie (specifically Asperger Syndrome - for those that don't know it's part of the Autistic Spectrum) and various and often as yet, unexplainable sensory dysfunctions - paresthesia are part and parcel of the neurological conundrum of ASD.  

All 4 of my Aspie's are hyper-sensitive and it's not uncommon for people with ASD to be hyper-aware and anxious, of not only external stimuli that negatively effects them but the internal sensory messages of their body. Is it possible, that you are connecting one event with another, simply because of the coincidental timing but they are completely separate events and you have inadvertently connected the two together?

My idea for you to consider, is that this is actually neurological but not from 'disease' but due to the structure of your Aspie brain......    


ps 2 brothers dx Aspie, 2 children dx Aspie and 20+ years working / volunteering with parents and children ASD :D
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