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Copaxone 40mg Severe reactions

Newly diagnosed with MS. On copaxone 40mg. First 3 shots were fine. Shots 4,5 about three hours after giving the injection my entire body starts aching, extreme chills (whole body jumping and teeth chattering), muscles cramping, fever (100.9-102.0), hands burning, headache. Reported it to Shared Solutions and they acted familiar with these symptoms. My neuro wasn't and said to try zyrtec and tylenol prior to injection. Also ran it by another neuro and he wasn't familiar with these symptoms. Last night I did the zyrtec and tylenol and same thing happened 3 1/2 hours after injection. It's so intense and painful. I also have Lupus and this reaction reminds me of a lupus flare. I don't think I can do this shot and I really want it to work. I'm nursing my baby and don't have any options besides this. Has anyone else experienced these extreme side effects?
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It is not uncommon to have reactions at this point of the injections. Your body is saying I do not make this stuff what is it. I have not heard of anything that extreme but it might also be the Lupus. The question is is it Lupus or just a reaction to the Copaxone. If it keeps happening of course you can't take it. You really do need to work with your doctor. Your doctor might feel like you have no choice but to be on the Copaxone as well. What about the other dose of copaxone?

As you say the copaxone might be triggering a Lupus flair. I guess It all comes down to risk/benefit. There might be too much risk for benefit.

I do chemo and I have to put up with really bad side effects. I have to decide how much I can take. My risk is death so I put up with a lot.

Going with no DMD is risky. The whole point is to slow progression. But if you can't take it until you stop breast feeding and can try another one that is what will have to happen.

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