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Hi to all :)
I have not been diagnosed as of yet...but with all my symptoms, including the feeling of strange electrical feeling and pain that envelops around my torso, it sounds just like a MS hug. I've been reading a lot of your blogs, and your symptoms are just like what I'm going through. I will be tested for MS and ALS in June...I really don't believe I have ALS...but Dr. wants to rule it out. I am unable to work due to pain, weakness, swelling and mental and physical fatigue. Because of that I also need to walk with elbow crutches.
Even though I have a good support system with family and friends...I don't have someone that can relate...I really need that! I would love to hear from you!!
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Hi Angela!

So, you are getting a workup to find out what's going on. This is good news. The results will dictate further testing, waiting a bit longer to see what transpires, or a diagnosis of the culprit.

Don't you fret, we'll be here for you now. And, this takes time unfortunately. Sadly, there are many diseases, syndromes, and causes to those things you describe that are consistently mentioned and experienced by MSers.  It's why so many differential dxers stay apart of our forum, because like you, they need people who can relate to those challenges and dysfunctions.

Have you visited our health pages? If not, they are jammed with information about MS. And regardless what this turns out to be, at least by learning from the pages and our members here you'll feel reassured you are in good company.

I wish you well with your continued testing, and offhand the swelling you are experiencing is worth noting to the doctor, because that is typically a different thing altogether, something the neuro may want checked out by a rheumatologist.

Thank you for joining us, and trusting us for input.

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Thank you for you encouragement! I search out the info about MS...and on the whole, I was nodding in agreement and " I never heard that explained in words...that's me" ...I find lately that I'm much more fatigued as time goes on, and am also dealing with family stress!
I will also be going to to a rheumatologist...long waiting list...

I hope all is well ok with you!
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Welcome to the forum Angela. Good luck with all your upcoming testing. I look forward to hearing from you more in the future.

Best wishes,
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for the last 14 years ive had these symptoms, tiredness, headaches, optic neuritis, tingling and aching in my right arm, cold feet and hands and reduced appetite, due to my old dr i did'nt get any help, just got told to do excersise and that will cure everything, it is'nt untill the last 2 years i moved dr's that i actually got some help, ive had a mri scan done and it said i have white spots on my brain and suggested a lumbar puncture as it sounds like i have ms, im getting worried as hes not the first dr to tell me this, i have to wait another 3 months for the results, in the mean time over the last 6 months the tiredness, headaches and my strength have gone right down. i cannot walk too far now without my legs going from under me, im getting really worried
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Welcome to the MS forum. :) It's a bit quiet around here on weekends so please don't feel ignored.

It's a bummer you have to wait another 3 months for the results!

In the mean time take good care of yourself by eating well, trying to get what exercise you can, good sleep, and most of all do whatever you can to reduce your stress.

Mediation works for some folks, and, of course, talking to the really knowledgeable, kind  folks here is a great help. Everyone is very supportive and can direct you to great information about MS.

Bear in mind that MS is not a death sentence but another challenge we deal with the best we can.

If you have questions, use the Post a Question button at the top of any topic page (like this one) Starting a new post will help the moderators see you need answers. :)

Another thing to do here while you are waiting is to check out the health pages for MS. Knowledge is power! :) There is a ton of excellent info here on MS.


If that link doesn't work, on the main MS forum page, there is a box on the right called Most Viewed Heath Pages. Use the link at the bottom that reads See All Health Pages.

I know how scary it is waiting to be diagnosed with all those nasty symptoms! I waited from July 08 until Jan 09 before I got a diagnosis.

Hang in there! We are with you!

Jessica (Khiba)
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