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Do I have ms

Hi I have been to several doctors and can't seem to get answers. I have a history of MS in my family and one doctor thought it was a high possibility that I may have it. I get dizzy spells and tingling sensations in my hands and feet. I also feel really shaky at times. I am not diabetic or have any problems with sugars. I had an MRI and a CT scan that were both normal. Doctors have basically told me nothing is wrong and won't do anything about it but I can't even go to work because of dizziness.
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Hi and welcome,

It's highly unlikely what you've been experiencing is going to be caused by a neurological condition like MS if your MRI is normal, MS literally means many scars and if you don't have any suggestive-consistent brain and or spinal cord lesions your MRI diagnostic evidence is a red flag pointing away from neurological conditions like MS.

Your symptoms pattern of "tingling sensations in my hands and feet" is happening in all your peripheral limbs (bilaterally and in both upper and lower neural pathways), this is not a symptom pattern typically suggestive of neurological conditions like MS.....symptom patterns that are in all peripheral limbs, symmetrical, move around from one location to another, spread, rapidly develop or multiply, appear in random locations, all over the body etc are also some of the red flags pointing away from neurological conditions like MS basically because of the way MS lesion damage presents and develops over time.

In regards to having a family member diagnosed with MS, it's actually more common to be the only person in your family with MS than to have multiple family members diagnosed, though it does happen it's not typical. Genetics are only 1 of the things that could slightly increase your susceptibility and the further removed your are the lower the genetic relationship so the lower the relevance that family members MS diagnosis has to you ie the person with MS is your grandmother, grandfather, maternal or paternal aunt, maternal or paternal uncle, 1st-2nd-3rd cousin, half brother, half sister, etc.

You don't mention if your neurological assessment showed up any clinical abnormalities or not but if that too wasn't abnormal, your diagnostic evidence is basically all pointing away from neurological conditions like MS, that doesn't mean to say there isn't anything medically wrong, just that the alternative medical explanations are what your more likely dealing with...

I hope that helps.....JJ
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Thank you for your help. Do you have any ideas on what the issue could be?  I've been to an ENT and they have found nothing wrong with my inner ears. I just don't know where else to turn and really need some help to finding answers
Your welcome, sorry i don't really have any true ideas other than the types of things that your blood tests should of picked up ie vitamin deficiencies, peri menopause,  menopause, a virus, an infection, pre diabetes, diabetes, hypoglycemia etc, other possible causes i'm aware of are lack of sleep, poor quality sleep like from sleep apnea, mental health, dehydration, poor fitness level, breathing issues like hyperventilating, emphysema, asthma etc but there's likely a lot of others i'm unaware of.....keep in mind that sometimes there isn't any one specific thing that can be identified as the cause but a combination of smaller things coming on top of each other and all together it causes you problems.  

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