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Do Not Know What To Do Next Regarding My MRI Result.


I went to have my MRI on the 10th June & have just got the results, the MRI was suppose to be done with/without contrast, but for some reason the contrast was not done.

Here is what the Neuro said in a letter to my GP.

This women's MRI scan of the brain & spine was performed on 10 June but has only just been reported. The MRI scan showed areas of high signal intensity in the white matter of both cerebral hemispheres, unchanged since previous MRI of the head in October 2008. Although the nature of these lesions is uncertain, from their position and lack of evolution, I think it more likely that they are ischaemic than inflammatory, she has a obvious risk factor for small vessel cerebrovascular disease in smoking and obviously any other risk factors such a hypertension, diabetes ect. I think it is unlikely that she has Multiple Scleosis.

The MRI scan of the spine shows some degenerative changes of at C5/6  and C6/7 and a disc bulge at C5/6. The disc bulge is impringing on the cord, but not actually compressing it and there is no evidence of signal change within the cord itself. I think this lesion could expalin the presence of Lhhermitte's Phenomenon when she flexes her neck and it doesn't look as if surgery would be indicated. She will be reviewed on 13th September.

I really do not know what to do, I am worried that I will be brushed off.

My doctor is sending me for a hearing test as my hearing is being effected, not sure if it is the Tinnitus causing this.
My right leg is getting worse, having so much cramping & numbness along with vibration. My right heel is really hurting now, doctor adviced me to do some exercises as soon as I get up.

My muscle spasms inside the private area & inside no2 area, has become so painful when it spasms, last time I screamed.

I could see maybe my neck could cause my right arm to keep going numb & with me dropping things but not my right leg & muscle spasms, along private area & along back, rib across front, complete tiredness.

What do of you make of this??????? Can anyone advice me on what you would do nx. Should I just accept this. I just want answers.

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Hi Louby,
I don't think I have seen you on here, nice to meet you..and welcome to the forum if you are new...

You only mention an MRI, but there are other tests you should have also to rule out other diseases to get a diagnosis of MS or it could be another disease.  Maybe you need a new Neuro, just doesnt sound like she is being very agressive in finding out what is wrong..

Some others will have more answers for you.  Not sure why you got no response but it happens sometimes but not often. You did right by reposting this....

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It must be frustrating to have all those symptoms and no explanation. Can you get in sooner to deal with the muscle spasms, or have your GP prescribe something? If they are causing you a lot of pain, you should let your primary know, even if you can't see the neuro sooner.

I'm curious about your Lhermitte's--is it always in the same place, or have you had it in different places?

Good luck finding the answers; take care.

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   Hello :)

   Reading the part of your post about the C Spine report..I am wondering>>>>>
IT READS:     The disc bulge is impringing on the cord, but not actually compressing it and there is no evidence of signal change within the cord itself. I think this lesion could expalin the presence of Lhhermitte's Phenomenon when she flexes her neck and it doesn't look as if surgery would be indicated.)

    Just wondering how one can use the words disc bulge and lesion interchangebly (sp). I thought a Lesion is a Lesion and a Disc Bulge (as they are calling it) would certainly look different....I mean is it a Lesion or a Disc?

   Have you had other tests besides the MRI?   MS Mimics ruled out via..blood work and other tests?  

   Sorry to hear of the situation you are in......No worries though, You will get it cleared up so that it is understandable and makes sense. Be your own BEST Advocate!!

Take Care,

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I am taking Baclofen to help with my muscle spasms,  which has helped but lately spasms are getting worse.

NancyT... I get a lot of electric shocks down my back sometimes going round to the front, there are times I get the shocks top part of arms.  Some of them can be very sharp/painful & take my breath away.

Tonyad... I too am confused about the result regarding lesion / disc bulge, like you mentioned I
thought these are 2 different things, so am baffled.

I have had blood work to rule things out, the only 1 that come back positive was HLA B27, but have ruled out A.S, as symptoms do not match.
Went to a balance clinic 18mnths ago, as far as I know my eyes were fine.  

Neuro did examination Feb this year,  with some slight difference, she did say she was expecting the examination to back it up for MS, but it didn't.

I have had no other testing done, am having my blood work done once again!!!! Having my blood pressure tested. Have given up smoking as do
not want them to throw that in my face.!!!!!! Sick of doctors throwing well it's because your this & that, I find this is there way of "I am not sure what's wrong" but I will say it's this as do not want to look I cannot do my job.

I am just fed up, they never do things fast here in the UK, now it looks like the wait continues.........

Louby xx  
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Aww, bummer, Louby!  Keep plugging, dear.  I understand VEPs and SSEPs can uncover MS when MRI is questionable.  And [email protected] them for not using contrast!  

Onward! (and congratulations for quitting smoking)!!
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