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Do you ever feel like . . .

Part of your body is covered with static electricity? Is this a type of paresthesia or something else?
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I get like that every year when it is cold outside. Everything I touch shocks me. I can't really answer your question though but just letting you know that I deal with it too :)

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One of my first symptoms was a tingling chin and upper lip.  It got worse in the middle of the day.  Mine was diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia, even though I wasn't experiencing pain.  I've been calling it paresthesia.
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This is kind of like tingling, only more widespread and more like a fuzzy feeling.

At first I got it when waking up and startled. It came on like a really fast zap, zap, zap, that lasted about five minutes than slowly faded out into this fuzzy feeling, then disappeared. It was only in my head down to my fingertips. I asked the neuro about it and it wasn't a seizure.

Now it's happening without the startling, and just coming on whenever, but in different places than before. I am in a new flare up, so things have moved and changed since the last time.
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Whenever I have tingling, it's in a specific area - like my chin, the back of my head, etc.  So no, I don't get the widespread fuzzy feeling you're talking about.
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Thank you. I thought maybe I would find someone here who has had this experience. It must be something else.
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I feel like that often and it is usually accompanied by extreme anxiety.

What I do then is get in a warm bath and the electric feeling just flows out of my body.  After a short while the electric feeling is gone and so is the anxiety.
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