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Do you think i may have MS?

Hello my name is Travis. I am 21 years old and have been experiencing very scary symptoms for the past couple years now. Every time i hit a strong bump in the road or do anything that send a vibration through my body up to my head i feel a sharp pain on the sides of the back of my head. Anything from making a tackle in football or punching a heavy bag or even biting down on a hard piece of candy will trigger the pain that im feeling. I have noticed that if i hit my jaw not even hard even if i merely tap it i feel the pain or if i hit the back sides of my head with my hands i also feel the pain. Its not like im sitting there pounding myself in the jaw and head i don't use a lot of force and it still triggers the pain so i def know its not normal. I get the sharp pain even when i talk sometimes. The pain is a quik jolt that only lasts half a second and then is gone. Besides the jolts of pain i also feel tingling in my arms and back of neck and a 24/7 pressure type feeling in my head. My vision seems off to like something is wrong....my vision isnt blurred or doubled but **** def not normal either idk how to explain it. I have seen a Dentist, Cardiologist, dentist, ENT, Neurologist, and ive also been to the Emergency room twice at two diff hospitals...my MRI of the brain came back normal and i also had an MRI of the spine which came back normal...i had an x-ray of the jaw which came back normal, and all blood work came back normal. The only things i didnt do yet was see an eye doctor witch i have an appointment for next week, and i am also going to see a Neurologist from Thomas Jefferson hospital in PA in a week because the neurologist here in Jersey cant seem to find out the problem. My primary doctor as well as another neurologist that i spoke to on the phone said that it sounds like it may be the onset and beginning of MS.....do any of you think that is a possibility??....they also said that the Neurologist in PA will most likely order for a spinal tap since the neurologist here in Jersey never ordered for one. Thank you
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Wow!  You've been through a lot.  It's really hard to say what this is.  Can you describe the pain?  Is it like an electric shock down your spine?  Is the pain in your face?  Is it primarily one-sided?  Or is it on both sides?  

No one here can diagnose you, obviously...  But if you can provide a few more details, someone may be able to put your mind at ease a bit.

I sure hope the new doctor will be able to help you.  Be prepared though, because neurological problems are notoriously hard to diagnose- even for the specialists.  Sometimes it can take years for enough to be visible on the tests.  Hang in there.  Try searching for symptoms in the search bar for this forum.  It might be helpful.  In the meantime, I am sorry you needed these questions answered,, but I am glad you're here.  Welcome.

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I was going to ask if you'd had a spinal tap. Evoke potentials with a Neuro opthomologist could see if your optic nerves have demyelination. Um.. Honestly, I got really lucky & have a great Neuro. But I've heard a lot of bad stuff from friends with MS. I'd say your best bet could be to see an MS specialist specifically. I went because my Neuro recommended that I see one. I'm SO happy I did. Do you know if contrast dye was used in your MRIs?  
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hey guys thanks for answering...the  pain i get is like a burning tingling sensation on my arms and back of my neck and a pressure type feeling in my head...almost like i wanna stick i needle in my head and let air or pressure out like a balloon....also the electric jolts of pain dont go down my spain it feels like its coming from inside my head but i cant say if its from a specific side of my head i just know that its in my head. I cant really tell if its a facial pain or if its deeper than skin and coming from inside my head...its weird cause sometimes i notice ill simply be on my computer and ill click or move my mouse and as soon as i move my hand or finger to move my mouse i get that sharp jolt of pain in my head....its crazy idk what it could be...
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Jus wondering if that other neurologist was able to find anything? Did they do a spinal tap? A cervical MRI? Has Chiari been ruled out? Trigeminal neuralgia? Been following ur case and was wondering.
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