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Do you want "spell check" to use here and everywhere?

Check my newest journal entry to see how to install Spell Check....

These are all FREE downloads and can be used on any page that you are working on to check your spelling.  You can put your "spell check" button (after installing the program on your computer, virus free, I swear) in your toolbar, so it's always there to use with just one click.  It will work here on things you write on MedHelp or any document you are working on.

So many of you have been wanting to check the spelling on your entries and now here is a way to do it.  Hope you enjoy it and find it easy, like I do.  Now I don't have to worry about whether I am having MS bart farts and can't figure out how to spell a word.


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bump for our afternoon viewers coming on
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Hi Heather:

I just downloaded the the spell checker. Thank you so much for that!
good job!!!  Now  to hit the button real quick and check my spelling lol

TY again Gollie
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My unedited typing usually looks like my last post!

Remember typewriters without correction tape?  I cannot even imagine having to type on one now, with a bottle of white out as my only safety net.  

Wanna :o)
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OMy I have the tool bar already too!!!!! let's see if it works geez.

COOL it is so easy just don't feel like fixing the caps now!! I can't believe this a little miracle in my life!

Funny how simple things can make me so happy! Thanks Heather!!!!!!!!!
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Most important deal about this whole thing?  You have to remember to push the "Spell Check Button" to actually make spell checker work...hmmmm, this could be a problem for those that have brain damage like me....oh gosh!  Perish the thought!
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Ewe guyz ar sew funne!!  

Can you believe that I had the Google Toolbar spell check this whole time and didn't know???   DUH!

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You silly girls....thanks for the laughs!  or is that laff?
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Psell chek woold be wunderflu.  Tanks!!

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Bute Heather, wat happen withe are owen langquiss sistym n de forrum?  tehehe
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