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Doc's decided I've had a stroke

Well, the latest report from 2nd MRI is that I had a stroke that started all of my probs,  Still waiting for 2nd opinion neuro appointment, should hear soon about that.  I'll have to wait until I see 2nd neurologist (going to U of M in Ann Arbor, MI when they get it set up) Still don't know what's causing the weight loss, but for now, they believe that I had a stroke in the past. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Dilantin is the cause of my weight loss, I'm now staying at around 95 pounds it's finally stabilized but it's only as long as I drink 2 Ensures daily, if I miss that 2 a day, my weight begins dropping again.
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You sound very calm and sensible in everything that you are doing. It must be quite scary to be told that you have had a stroke..but I agree with Lulu, keep an open mind and wait till you get the second opinion.  Keep us posted.

Good luck

Best wishes

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It's a possibility, since I had that (what they deemed a seizure) back in August 2007 out of the  blue without warning, had been feeling pretty good before that.  Could also explain the problems with my speech, and memory as well.  But I'm going to go for that 2nd opinion, before I decide it's a done deal.
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Hi Suz - do you think it could be a stroke?  I am of the belief that too many times those UBO's (unidentified bright objects) on brain MRI's that can't be easily identified get labeled as TIA's - little mini-strokes.  

With all that you have going on I  am glad you are going for a second opinion.  You don't want to stop looking for answers if they have given you the wrong DX.

Good luck and keep us informed, ok?

my best,
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It was my GP that told me, but I think it was from the radiologist report.  But he doesn't want to say it's definate, which is why I'm going to get a referral to U of M for follow-up.  Plus, he said they may want to do another MRI with their equipment which is newer than what our local hospital has and I may show more than these 2 did.  I've got to get a ride to the hospital now for a spinal x-ray because of the burning pain of my thoracic spine.  One step at a time he says.  But he really feels if he gets me referred to U of M they can do more than he can and it can all be done in one place.  (I so hope this is true.)
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oh my.. did your GP tell you the results or was it the radiologist report that stated that?  

when  do you see the Neuro?  I lost abit of weight myself, but then I don't have an appetite.

let us know what the neuro says...good luck

take care

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I'm sorry to hear this!  You are so young to have a stroke.  I live in Ann Arbor and have just been referred the U of M.   Did they put you on anything so you wouldn't have another one?   so sorry!
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