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Does Neurontin work for Nerve pain?

Has anybody tried Neurontin? Does it work for nerve pain? How long does it take to take effect? My doctor prescribed it for me today...I haven't picked it up yet...I'm hoping it will help...
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I am on Lyrica which is similar. It took two days before I felt a difference.

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I am Neurontin for the second time. The first time I took it several years ago it worked well for my nerve pain. It's been my experience that it works rather soon but it does not work like a narcotic type drug. Your body needs to get to a certain blood level that works for you. So, if your are not getting relief by the end of 7 days , I would talk to your doc again.

I just started taking it again and have noticed some improvement in my pain. If the dose I was given wasn't enough, my neuro told me to call and he would increase the dosage.

A lot of people on the forum have had great success with Neurontin.

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I've been on it for several years for nerve pain.  It has been, for the most part, effective.  I am also on Cymbalta, also for nerve pain.  These two meds, plus oxycodone, baclofen and nerve blocks provide considerable relief.
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Yes, Neurontin can be an excellent med for nerve pain, but sometimes the dose needs to be pushed up.  The upper limit on dosing is 3600mg per day.  Most people start down around 300mg or so.

Anyone who is being treated for nerve pain should read two of the Health Pages written for us by a pain management doc.




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Hi Shortyrock!

I hope the Neurontin works for you!  For me, it's been really pretty good.  I started it about 6 weeks ago or so, and I'm currently on 900 mg total each day.  I still get a fair amount of nerve pain - I'm thinking, maybe I should try increasing the dose? - but I really think the severity of the pain is way, way reduced.  Before, the pain would sometimes leave me breathless, some of the worst pain I've ever felt, and now it's all really manageable :)  

As far as side effects go - they can be pretty crazy and severe at first, but don't get discouraged because they usually really do get better!  Oh man, when I first started I got SO clumsy, it was just bizarre... I kept hitting walls and stumbling, and things'd just fall right out of my hands!  I am currently side-effect free, though :)  

I really hope it helps you!  Good luck! :)

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Thanks guys....I'm considering picking up the prescription...but I'm not sure yet....
As uncomfortable as the burning and tingling is...I don't know what's causing it just yet..so I kind of want to monitor what I'm feeling until I find out the cause if I can take it....If it gets to much then I might cave and go pick it up....
Quixotic...thanks for those links...some good info....
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I am also on Neurontin (Gabapentin) and find it helps me immensely with nerve pain. I take it 3 x a day at 300mg strength. It knocks all the tingling and pins and needles out for several hours but after about 4-5 hours it returns. I would recommend it.

Best wishes

Sarah (from UK)
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I urge you to pick up the prescription. If it works, that's a good indication that your pain is neuropathic. Don't suffer if you don't have to.

But remember that it needs to be increased slowly. Those Health Pages offer a great explanation.


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Neurontin has been a lifesaver to me the past 6 years.  My neuro told me that Lyrica is 6 times stronger though.

You should definitely try this.  I caution you at first, you will feel a little dizzy, but once you get used to it that will dissipate.

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Ditto to the comments by Quix & ess.  Step dosage up sloooooowwwwlllly.  You won't react to it in the same way you react to the more common narcotic or analgesic type things that we think of when we think "pain meds".  Give each step a while not only to get your body used to it, but also to see if you're at a dosage that will work for you.

I've written on this before, but I started on a 300 mg/day capsule, stepped it up to twice a day, but went back down to one for anotehr week because I didn't handle the larger dose well.  Eventually I made it up to 900 mg/day as the neuro-ophthalmologist prescribed, but after a couple of months it didn't seem to be doing the trick.  Now I'm using 1200 mg/day, and doing all right, presently.
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I started gabapentin two weeks ago after having problems with Lyrica, zoloft, and celexa.  The first night I slept like a baby.  Since I appear to be very sensitive to drugs, doc started me on 100 mg once a week.  After a few days of few side affects (slight headache when pill wore off), I took 2 pills a day for two days and now on three pills a day 100 mg.  Will be calling doc this week to increase since I still feel pain most of the day but not burning.  300 mg is very low...pills also seem to calm me down.  Not too dizzy and even have a better outlook on life.
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I would recommend it.  Neurontin has given me great relief.  My doctor just increased my dose to 200 mg. three times daily.  I had broken through the previous dose.

I totally agree with those who have said to increase your very slowly.  My first attempt at it was disastrous, as we increased it too quickly.  I was very sick.  The second go around was much better, and successful.

Go fill that prescription.  I believe you will be glad you did.

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hi shorty
i take gabapentin for nerve pain and find it works great
start off slowly with it on a low dose asnd work your way up with your doctors advice
i take 300mg 3x daily but only strted taking one a day and built it up over a couple weeks
hope it helps with you
regards bairdy
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Hello shortyrock, I do use neurontin 400mg three times a day. And it helps alot.
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I'm 66 and started taking 100mg 2x-3x day about a year ago for Trigeminal Neuralgia (terrible pain spasms).  After pain was under control (3 months), I reduced to 1x a day in evening.  I haven't had any side effects, except that my vision seems to be a little worse.  The pain stayed away completely for 3 months then started back again last week, though not as severe.  I also take supplements  that are supposed to help nerve function.  I will go back to the extra dosage, hoping that the pain will again go away.

I would love to hear from others with this problem.....the severity of your pain;  what you take;  how well it helps; and anything else you do that helps control the pain or keep it away.

Thanks in advance!!!

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lyrica is also habit forming........it took me 6 months of thinking/wishing I was dying to get off it....never, never again will I take it.
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I was just prescribed this medication and took one before going to bed.  All night I had stomach cramps like labour pains and when I woke up this morning I felt as high as a kite.  I'm suppose to take two tonight but I think I should increase only if I have to.

I must say that my pain is almost gone after that one dose.  My leg and groin feel almost normal after three weeks of constant pain, numbness and a burning feeling.  I'm hoping it keeps me going until I go for my MRI and specialist appt.

Do you think keeping it at one dose for a while is a good idea?  And when you do increase do you take it at the same time or space them apart during the day.  That's something I forgot to ask.
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I take it too.  I wasn't sure if it worked or not, so I started to reduce my daily amounts.  I definitely noticed a difference in pain levels, so I increased my dosage back up.  It's certainly worth trying!
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I AM CURRENTLY TAKING LYRICA. I STARTED AT 150MG PER DAY. i WAS ON THAT DOSE FOR ABOUT A MONTH. I STILL HAD SOME NERVE PAIN THAT WAS BOTHERING ME. MY NEURO DR INCREASED IT SLOWLY TO 300 MG. I NEVER MADE IT TO 300 MG I WAS TAKING 225MG PER DAY. I HAD EVERY SIDE EFFECT YOU COULD IMAGINE BUT THE LYRICA WAS AWESOME. I WAS HAVE SLUR SPEECH, BAD HANDS AND ARM WEAKNESS, FATIGUE, VERY CLUMPY, AND I COULD HARDLY DRIVE MY CAR TO WORK. BUT I HAD 0 PAIN. I HAD TO MAKE A DICISION ABOUT WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO. I WOULD HAVE HAD TO GIVE UP WORK ALL TOGETHER. i SCHEDULED AN EMERGENCY APPT BECAUSE THE SITUATION WAS SO BAD. i was told to go to the emergency room. The nurse throught i was having a stroke. I spoke with my neuro surgeon and explained i read all the side effects from taking lyrica and that i was having every symptom. He decided to decrease the dose back to 150 mg. Here i am once again having nerve pain. I also take ultram for pain per my request. I don't want to get addicted to pain killers. I see a pain management specialist and physical therapist. i was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy from being in a car accident. i want to try neurontin but i was told that lyrica is much stronger. i'm giving up all hope of being pain free again. people when using a high dose of lyrica. it works for the pain but the side effects could be very dangerous!
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My boyfriend house has a smoke detector, and it causes, body to jerk, but I got on neurotin to stop shakes and jerks
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I have been left with excruciating neuropathic pain over my entire body after a strange episode in December. I realise this probably sounds dramatic and a little morbid, but I can honestly say that Lyrica, Neurontin's sister drug, has saved my life - there is no way I could have coped with that level of pain without it. It took a while for me to see a difference, but Lyrica really is fantastic. Side effects are a bit sucky - cognitive impairment etc. but I cannot emphasise how much it was worth it. I do know that there are mixed reviews about this drug though.

Is excruciating full body neuropathic pain (electric shocks, tingling) common in MS?
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My Gabapentin dose worked its way up to 3600mg/day. By itself, even 3600mg didn't do much to relieve the pain in my feet. I added 25mg amitriptilyne 1x/day to the 3600mg gabapentin and things got a little better. Next I upped the amitriptilyne to 50mg and the results have been tremendous.

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Started with 200 mg. After 3 weeks neuro doc told me to up it to 300 mg one time a day them 300 mg. twice a day. The Neurontin and Amitripaline (sp) 50. Mg did the trick. I am happy to be almost pain free. I've gained a few pound, but I don't care because it beats the pain. Take it. You will be glad you did.
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Thanks that was the best literature yet. My pharmasist nor doctor explained how it works.
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