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Does anyone with bad foot drop use muscle stim?

I have secondary progressive MS and my foot drop is suddenly getting worse the past few days. I can't walk regularly due to the severe muscle spasm in my right leg. The ankle is much larger, the foot is flatter and longer, and of course the foot won't flex upward. It is really bothering me more than it has before.

I have often had severe pain in that leg, but it has become more numb and looks and functions differently. I start walking and the right foot won't flex causing me to limp and walk stoff legged. I have a brace, but not the fancy stim one (I have medicaid).

I'm wondering if anyone has tried muscle stimulators that come with TENS units. I used it a few times and it seemed like it might help, but I want to know if anyone has felt an actual change.

Any info about foot drop from the experience of someone whose has worsened greatly would be appreciated. (I've had foot drop for over 10 years, so I know all about it - just experiencing a tremendous worsening)
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Hi, i've been hoping someone from old would have an answer for you, unfortunately it might take awhile before they might pop in and see your post.

Have you looked to see if there's something mentioned in any of our previous conversations to do with foot drop, there should be quiet a few but nothing springs to mind specifically about TENS though sorry.........JJ
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In theory, TENS should work to stimulate the nerves associated with foot drop.  I tried a Bioness L300 and the pads are similar.

In practice, I haven't found the right areas to create the right motion (despite avid googling).  What I plan to do is see a physiotherapist and have them find me the right spots.

I'd also like to recommend that you find The MS Gym on Facebook.  They have a free PDF file of exercises for those with foot drop and they have been helping me a lot.
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