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EEG Question

Has anyone had an abnormal EEG during their course of testing with MS?

I had an EEG after a blackout episode where my mom found me unconscious and unresponsive and I have absolutely no recollection of what happened. The EEG results were abnormal stating that there was excessive slowing during drowsiness and sleep.

The Neuro that I was seeing at the time was only concerned with whether or not I was having seizures. But...could this have anything to do with MS? I'm still in limbo...and that neuro (which I am no longer seeing) was not interested in discussing anything having to do with MS.
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Hi Tinycandi,

Welcome to the MS forum.  

Blacking out that I'm aware of would not raise a neuros suspicion of MS. He or she would and should be concerned with blacking out, being found unresponsive, and an abnormal EEG.

If you'd like to read up on the testing for MS, please visit our health pages. Thanks for joining us, and hope you find good care and what is going on.

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Oh I know all about the testing for MS. I was told "Probable MS" in February 2007 but my MRIs so far are clean. My question is more along the lines of...has anyone with MS had abnormal EEGs? Plus...does anyone have more of an idea what "excessive slowing during drowsiness and sleep" could mean?

My neuro wasn't really concerned with much of anything. He decided that I wasn't having seizures (it wasn't typical of a seizure nor did the EEG point specifically to seizure activity) and he offered no explanation of what it might have been other than that I fainted. But...that neuro is really kind of a moron IMO because he also told me that it could have been a reaction to the chinese food I ate at PF Changs before it happened...even though I've been eating chinese food for years without any problems. I'm no longer seeing that neuro now.

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Hi and welcome,

I believe that if you have had a probable MS dx then they should be looking further with another MRI.

I have had 20 years of sx and was only just dx in June this year. I was investigated for epilepsy 10 years ago after I had had 3 seizures, however, they were spread over a 4 year period and I did not report them to my GP until after the third time it happened when we became concerned that it was not a simple faint. Each time it happened I was off work for 2 weeks and was very poorly with what I described to the neuro as 'some kind of virus' as that is what it felt like with the dizziness, aching, tiredness, etc.

I had an EEG back then and was dx with 'tendency to epilepsy' . However, I was given no treatment for epilepsy and it hasn't happened since. My neuro now believes that the seizures were the MS and the 'virus' was a relapse.

I am not saying that yours is MS, just sharing my story in case it strikes a chord with yours.

Check it out eh?

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