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Can anyone tell me if extreme tiredness, so bad that when I am doing anything the least bit strenuous in the house, or just some light cleaning, I have to keep sitting down to rest.... kind of tired.

I am having I think some kind of flare.  My doc found another lesion, and some of the things from my last episode came back, but I also have the new ones I had discussed in my last post.  But I've never ever felt this tired, even with the Fibro, and Lupus, and all my other crap. For eg I'll do some dusting in a room, and then I have to sit down for a while, and then I get up and do something else, and have to sit again etc etc.  But its not just the tiredness, I also feel weak.  The energy and effort it takes, destroys me for the rest of the day, and even into the next day.  And because of my teeter toddering I'm always hurting something,.. I just feel like crap!  Theres no other way to decribe it.

I have a parrot Apollos that I absolutely love. He's a Baby, but I had forgetten what mess makers they are and cleaning up after him is like having another toddler.  My youngest is gonna be 24 so I'm not used to it anymore, and with the pressure headaches from the Intercranial Hypertension everytime I bend down its uncomfortable to say the least.

Any suggestions, does ms have this tiredness as a sx?

Thanks Guys!
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MS and "fatigue" are something to work through with your neurologist.  Many times, PwMS do not respond to drugs, naps or increased sleep.  The lassitude will just persist.  You might want to check out:


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You don't have to have MS to suffer from chronic fatigue, but as most said here, fatigue is probably one of the most common symptoms MSers experience.

Fatigue can be debilitating to the point where it affects your daily activities of living, right down to taking a shower or doing your hair to even sitting in an upright position.  I too, had difficulty from walking from the couch to 15 feet to the bathroom feeling completely exhausted from the excursion.

Fatigue is awful.  

Dont give up your push for answers, don't let arrogance of doctors let you down nor dismissing your claims of your new symptoms and factual diagnostic test findings.  

I wish you luck Sandie.

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The problem is though, that I'm not dx with ms yet.  I have never felt this way before, and just funny that its been happening just as they find the new lesion, and I have those additional sx now, and some of the old ones came back, or just got worse..  It feels like a flare of some sort, just none I have ever felt before even with the other issues I have...eg with the Fibro the tiredness felt different a different kind of tired, as with the lupus.

But now the cog fogginess got worse the balance the tingles and numbness, and now new ones that I guess are explained by the lesion.  My neuro had said when I last saw him last year, that he wouldnt dx me with just one lesion, he said come back in 6 months and new sx, so its been over a year later, a new lesion, and more and new sx.  He told me ms is 2 lesions or more, so I dont know what else this could be.  
My Rhuemy said its not the lupus, cause my lupus is in remission right now, and has been for almost 2 years.

Now I need answers, cause when I told him about all the vibrating and buzzing in my head and down my arm and had the other sx going on he wouldnt dx ms, but he didnt seem to have anything else to give me, and I am frustrated.  Now, he needs to tell me SOMETHING!  

Thanks Everyone for your imput!  Appresh
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OH yes, I have this symptom. I call it "hitting a wall." It really can come on out of the blue at any time of the day. My neuro gave me samples of Nuvigil to try, but that just made me jittery--like high on cocaine jittery, lol. I white knuckled it through that day and said never again, I'll take the exhaustion over that.

Taking rests does help sometimes. Like Alex, I was never a napper. I still am a terrible napper. But even drifting close to sleep helps, so I try.

And I try to enlist more help if possible. I live with my sister, and she has taken over the dishes. A friend has taken over the laundry. So that helps.

Also, conserving energy seems to help. Trying not to make multiple trips upstairs to get things (tough when my brain is not exactly running on all cylinders). And changing social activities. Sometimes I cannot go out to dinner (and not just because medical expenses eat up all of my money!), but I can have people over to hang out.

Good luck managing your exhaustion. Mine is slowly becoming more manageable. I hope yours does, too!
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Hi, we haven't met before, my name is Ren and I'd like to add a very late welcome to this great forum,

As to your question, I have agree with Alex. First call your neuro and make sure you don't have something else going on , such a UTI or something else . I know my neuro's first question is always do I have a change in my urine, color, amount , pain ,e tc.

I would take Alex's great advice and be sure to let your neuro know. It could be a flare that could be treated.

I hope yo fell better!

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Sometimes it is a relapse or something else so contacting your doctor is important.

We call this running out of gas.. You are doing something and all the sudden you are not running slower like a car you run out of gas. This is MS fatigue. The way you have to think of it is energy is like money in the bank. When it is spent for the day that is it no credit.

Some of us go awhile until we hit this. I did. I used to be able to push the limits and pay for it the next few days. Now I have to pace myself. I decide my week in advance. I decide what I need to do and space it out between the days. Things like cleaning the house have to take a back seat.

I have to ask for help. I have my husband and friends help. I do chores first thing and for a limited time. I vacuum sitting in a kitchen chair sometimes.

Exercise is important for energy that is the paradox, but not over doing it. When I walk my dog or ride the horse, I cut the length by 1/4 since I push too hard. I may do two short walks in a day as opposed to one long walk.

I never was a napper, now I take naps.

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Absolutely MS has this kind of fatigue as a sx! I had it with my most recent relapse. I responded very well to IV steroids.
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Hi Sandie,

My neurologist says that there are a few medications that help a bit, but they are not without side effects.  I would say that most of the time, the extreme fatigue is the worst symptom I experience.  Unfortunately, he does not think I am a good candidate for the the meds that help with fatigue.  But since you have Fibro and Lupus too, it sure wouldn't hurt to ask about it.  

Good Luck,
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