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Electric shock like zaps

In the last 2 weeks i have been getting  these nerve zaps in the groin area. in the front join of left leg and just under the left buttock. Now I am also getting the burning pain in my tailbone area as well. The zaps only last a few seconds and feel like an electric shock but is only in a small area....ie doesnt travel down leg.  

When i was pregnant and the babies head was engaged, when the baby flexed the head it would give a similar shock in the front . Thats the only thing i can relate it to.  My latest MRI showed no compression just mild to moderate spondylosis at c6 c7 and L4 L5, no neural compromise.

What could this be if the nerves are not compromised.  Could MS cause these nerve shocks in a small area.  I have had bad constipation and some bladder issues recently and altered sensations on and off in the perinium area in the past.

The intense burning in the lower back i have had before... in the first relapse with numbness in buttocks and both legs which lasted 5 hrs.

The zaps are most annoying. I have been getting them on and off all night. Not very pleasent.
Any ideas???

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We hear about the zings and zaps all the time.  They aren't limited to MS, though.  It seems they occur in many diseases and I know they are common in Lyme.  Some of the longest threads on MedHelp have been on this problem.

A zing or zap is a paroxysmal form of paresthesia.  Sudden lightening jolts of pain or sensation that come out of no where.  They are the product of sick nerves no matter what the cause.  If you want to know more about paresthesias read this:


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I meant to add that they are hard to treat.  Even the meds that treat paresthesias don't handle them well.

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Thanks Quix for that link.  Very informative!!  I shall tell the ms specialist about this new developement when i see her .

thanks heaps!!

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