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Exercising during the Summer

Hi all,

Well, I know, "heat is the enemy", and that makes for tough times, when trying to exercise during the Summer.
I have my temperature (regulated via air conditioner) around 79 degrees, and it feels comfortable, to my wife.
I, myself, always feel like I'm freezing, no matter how warm it gets.  Heck, I sleep with a sheet and two blankets over me, at night (sometimes I even turn the heat, all the way up, on my heated mattress pad).

Anyways, back to exercise, I use my exercise bike, I do a "warm-up" mile (in about 4 minutes), then a 20 mile "main exercise" (in about 1 hour or 60 minutes), then I finish with a "cool-down" mile (in about 4 minutes).  I have noticed that my blood pressure actually drops, during exercise, the other night to 98 over 52.  My pulse rate, after the "main exercise" is around 120, and after "cool-down" is around 106. (Yes, I actually stop and take my blood pressure and pulse).

When any of you exercise, does your blood pressure drop also?
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Yes, for me (with this disease, MS), I always feel like I'm freezing, even in the dead of Summer.  Last year, I always had a blanket covering me, even if I was in the living room.
This year, I'm not that bad off, but I still feel like I'm freezing, when I should be burning up.
The only exception to this, is outdoors, outdoors I feel really lousy, hot, fatigued, drained, every gasp of hot humid air, makes it that much worse.
But indoors, it could be 90 degrees, and I would still be under a sheet and two blankets, and have my heated mattress pad on high.

-- Socrates
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If you feel fine after this exercise period, then I'd say go for it.

As we all know, this blasted disease is so different in different people, so there's no one size fits all.

If I were you I'd mention this amount of exercise to both my PCP and my neuro. They might have some good suggestions.

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Sorry but I don't take my BP after exercising - I'm usually prone on the floor trying to recover!  LOL

Interesting that you are cool at 79.  I have my house a/c set at 72 and sometimes that isn't cool enough.  

be well, be active-
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