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I've been having trouble with balance since this whole tremors thing started in early February, as well as a few other issues I won't go into again.  I had a rough night last night from pain, and woke up tired and more shaky than usual.

I was in the bathroom heading for the sink, and lost my balance and fell head-first into the half-wall between the toilet/tub and sink/vanity areas.  I'm talking about the corner of it; I took paint off the corner with the left lense of my glasses, and rearranged my left eyebrow and bruised my left upper jaw.  Imagine a straight line down my face.  I guess I'm glad I had my glasses on!

I've been putting ice on it, and some Arnica gel.  I have a headache and my gums hurt when I brush my teeth; I hit that hard.  My neck is sore, too.  Boy, when I fall, I really fall.

This is only the second time I've fallen;  the first time was in the garage three months ago when I tried to step over a smallish piece of cardboard. That time I fell like I learned in Judo, turning to take it on my hip, missing the weight bench by inches.  Unfortunately, I had gotten and epidural in my lower back a couple of days before that.  Ouch.

Today was more scary.  I need to move with more intent, more carefully, I guess.  

Should I mention this to my doctor, call the advise nurse tomorrow, or leave a message with her medical assistant?  I don't have a neuro at this time.  Should I just take it in stride (ha ha) and mention it when I see her on the 12th?
Should I add it to my timeline?  Neuro #2 seemed to think my balance problems weren't much of an issue since I had only fallen once.  I don't want to make a habit of it, and will get a cool walking stick/cane if neccessary.  

I'm feeling foolish and want to know if I should report my fall or keep quiet so I don't sound like someone demanding attention.  I wouldn't be asking this question of old #2 hadn't written  in my chart notes "There may be a tendency towards somatization".  Does anyone understand my dilemma?

What do you think?

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I would call the doctor.  That fall sounded serious and with no good reason for it.  They need to know that your losing balance was so severe that you couldn't catch yourself before you sustained serious damage.  That is just my two cents.
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Hey girl...I agree that you should let your dr. know about this serious fall that had no apparent "cause".  If you don't, you could fall again and do even more damage to yourself and you certainly don't need that!  When I am feeling like that I do use my cane even in the house although it is a pain...it has saved me many times from doing major damage to myself and that is soooo worth it.  I think you should call the nurse so that it is added to your chart and also add it to your timeline...could be that it might work into a pattern of symptoms and that needs to be followed.  Sure hope you recover from this one quickly and you start to feel better soon.

Lots of Hugs,

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I am so sorry!

I would call the doc.

And about feeling foolish, it is not like you planned on the fall!!
Give your self a break, you know that there is something wrong and you just need to be able to come to the bottom of it.

Take care of your self,
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Thanks for your concern.  I'm feeling better; the ice and arnica helped.
Still tired and kind of shaky, but am being more careful.

I was talking and laughing with my roommate in the next room when I fell, so I really wasn't paying attention when I should have been.  I still think I'll mention it to my doctor, thanks for that advice, and add it to my timeline, maybe adding that I was distracted by laughter or something like that.

Hope you all are doing fairly well.  It seems over-the-top at this site to say I hope you're all doing great!  I guess it's all relative; when pain is down to a dull roar, or tremors are very fine, or numbness isnt' interfering with daily functioning too much, I guess that would count as a great day.

Hope you're all having a great day!  :o)

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Well, the lack of balance was pretty obvious today.  I've been bouncing off walls, but being really careful, especially around the stairs.

I stood in a doorway and gave myself the Romberg test (I think it's called), where you stand with your feet together and eyes closed.  I had to catch myself on the door frame.  I tried to do the variation with one foot in front of the other, and couldn't do it with my eyes opened.

I tried walking a straight line heel to toe, and had to wave my arms wildly to catch my balance, and couldn't make it more than a few steps without having to step out to keep from falling.

I guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow; I put it off today to do some research for a friend.

Thanks for reading this, if someone does.


I took a nap, and it seemed to help some for a while, but I'm still being careful.
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