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Frequent infections and Multiple Sclerosis

I'm currently experiencing a MS relapse in addition to a reoccurring Epstien Barr Virus infection.  This is the 4-5th time since the age of 16 that I've had "Mono".  In the past couple of years, I've also had Parvoirus B19, and the Coxsackie virus. Not to mention, I've had double ear infections and sinus infections at the same time. Has anyone been through something similar?  
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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

It's definitely not common for anybody to be experiencing recurring mono, usually it lays dormant after you've been infected, you carry the virus in your system for the rest of your life, it can become re active but your not suppose to get ill with it unless you've got a weakened immune system.....theoretically MS doesn't really weaken your immune system, its more overly active, basically the immune system can't tell the difference between invaders and healthy cells, so the immune system attacks what it shouldn't...  

You've not only had the recurring mono but also parvo, coxackie virus, ear and sinus infections, which makes me think your MS disease modifying medication could be one of the immune suppressant types......

"Eg Aubagio® can decrease a person's white blood cell count and increase
the risk of infections. People should have a complete blood count prior to
starting treatment and be monitored for infection while on treatment."


....because some DMD's do suppress the immune system, and make you more vulnerable to infections, it might be your explanation of what's going on and something i'd suggest you consider talking to your neuro about.

Hope that helps.....JJ  

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I definitely think my meds have a lot to do with the frequent infections.  I've been on Tysabri since late 2010 with a gap of a couple years until now. I'm also JCV+. My neurologist (PA) isn't overly concerned with my infections, and wants me to take around 12-14 supplements on a daily basis. This also doesn't include the 5 other medications I take because MS has damaged parts of my body. I was sent to an Immunologist last December, and learned I was low in IgG Immunoglobulin 3 (I believe that's what it's called). That doctor is taking a wait and see approach, and in the meantime, I'm also having problems with my blood. I'm low in both hemoglobin and hemocrit, and have consistently high lymphs absolute levels.  I have Anemia and a few other vitamin deficiencies. I should be seeing a Hematologist, but only learned this by reading my records online.  I seriously feel like since my case isn't the norm, I get disregarded because it's too time consuming. I foolishly thought that being with MS Specialists was in my best interests. A recent health related emergency has me seriously considering leaving this practice.  
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