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Frontal white matter focus (lesion)? Not ms?

My first time posting here.   I am 37 , have had strong symptoms for. Long long time and finally went to neuro.  My MRI report is available but my Neuro is not !  I wanted him to make sense of my report.  My MRI says I have one small focus in my right frontal white matter.

My question is does ms show up in front white matter?

Is a "focus" synonymous with a "lesion "?

My primary was kind enough to try to comfort me while waiting to hear from my neuro and he read my report and said it doesn't sound like MS

My symptoms have been chest pain , dizziness , extreme pain in walking sometimes barely possible, tripping , dropping things.  Seeing scotomas.   Numbness.  Weakness.   Severe fatigue.

I'm thin , 5'4" 121 pounds so I can't blame excess weight for any of it.

My vitamin D is low 18 when it should be 50 to 70.

I'm a May baby.  

Does this sound like probably not MS?
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**addiing , they said "nonspecific " for the focus
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First things first ... your vitamin D needs a boost and I hope your doctor has started you on supplements. Your gp can do this.  Low vitamin D can cause many issues and this should be addressed ASAP.  Were your B12 and magnesium checked?

When will you see your neuro?  One small focus (and yes this means "lesion", however remember that a lesion can be anything and is not specific to ms plaque) would not be diagnostic of anything.

There is something called the McDonald criteria (2010) for multiple sclerosis.  One lesion in the frontal lobe would not meet the criteria, and it is VERY likely not ms.  MS lesions are also a characteristic size and shape, and I suspect yours is not this size/shape based on the description of "non-specific".

Having said this, when you see your neurologist he should do a full neurological exam, and depending on the results of this exam, he may follow you or recommend a referral to a different specialty (or send you back to your GP for the referral).  It sometimes takes a long time for neuro appointments, which is frustrating.

It's difficult when we don't know what's wrong.  Diagnostic limbo is frustrating.  Sorry you are going through this.
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Thank you aspen.  I think the lesion was in the front  white matter , is that considered to be also in the frontal lobe ? I wasn't able to figure that out.   I had a complete neuro exam and bloodwork but no lumbar puncture.  Hoping to avoid that !!    The neuro isn't giving me his findings until my appointment ahhhh.   June 7!    

And yep started on a 50,000 iu vitamin d.   Not sure yet on b12 as they are keeping everything a secret Til that appointment.   (It was made for that date so all my tests would be in )
How was your neuro exam?
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Not until June 7 ahhhh
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Oh wait I see what yiu mean.  He didn't give me results.  Just mhmm and took notes.  I have to wait !!   He said there was weakness and sensory issues and one more word I can't remember.    
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Titus, is is VERY helpful to have someone come in with you to take notes.  I find it almost impossible to recall everything said, so in the long term, something to think about.

Wishing you well for your appointment.  Make sure to  make a list of your questions (copy for you, your neuro, and your notetaker if you bring someone).  Appointments are generally ages away .. the wait is very normal.  Can be months here.

Keep us posted, okay???  (((Hugs)))
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