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Frustrated. Any advice?

I've already had one doctor that yes he is confident I have MS. I exhibit the classic symptoms (ie: The hug pain around my abdomen, extreme fatigue, body pain, double/blury vision, weakness, muscle spasms, leg tremors, numbness & tingling in my fingers and toes, exectric shock like pain down my spine if I move the right way, back pain, coordination problems, balance problems, memory issues, legs feel heavy, trouble getting words from brain, etc.)

So I had an MRI on my brain both with and without contrast, took them to a different neurologist and he says while I do have lesions on my brain he's not confident saying its MS but he thinks it could be just migraines. I've never been diagnosed with migraines but do get headaches occasionally.

Anyone have this happen? Does this sound correct? I'm so frustrated and I don't know what to do next. I just want to feel better or as much better as I can. Any suggestions for a newbie? I'd appreciate it greatly. Thank you!
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Hi and welcome,

I read through your posting history and you previously mentioned experiencing a lot of headaches and migraines, i also noticed 'slightly' different symptoms mentioned in March this year so there really might be something other than a neurological condition like MS going on.

I understand you have family members dx with MS so you probably know this already but try to keep in mind that 'symptoms' associated with MS can have numerous causes, so they are not as significant as the corroborating neurologically abnormal clinical signs consistent or suggestive of neurological causation.

What you need to know is if you have any neurologically abnormal clinical signs.....it's possible IF the neuro is leaning towards migraines to explain the lesions you have, that your clinical assessment was within normal limits and the location of the lesions is typical of a migraine dx.  

Your saying the numbness & tingling symptoms are in all peripherals (fingers and toes) you also mention prior that  "It started with just some pain in my hip and a little in my back. It lasted for a few weeks then was gone. A few months later the hip and back pain....and exectric shock like pain down my spine if I move the right way" is all suggestive of a possible spinal issues, so if you haven't had a spinal MRI, peripheral nerve conductor tests etc they may be additional tests worth considering.    

Hope that helps........JJ
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